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Does music help relieve stress?

13 Oct 2017 15:11

I spotted this story about a hospital using music therapy to help soothe patients before treatment, and would love to know what you think?

It reminded me of a thread that chriss started recently, where she talks about a particular song – You’ll Never Walk Alone – feeling particularly apt and inspiring.  

Do you find music helps calm your mind when you’re waiting for an appointment, or feeling anxious about treatment?

I had a little look on our website and there’s some information about what music therapy is, and how you can find a therapist – I do hope it’s of interest Grin


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Re: Does music help relieve stress?

13 Oct 2017 20:28 in response to Moderator Helen

Well thank you... it’s really lovely of you to look at this ... the only trouble is, everyone loves different music... classical, modern, show music , jazz, or like me the 70s and westlife lol at 63 I just love music .. I took a tape in when I have treatments and drift away ... at 63 it’s not hard to drift away it’s waking me up after that’s hard  ...

my choice ... you’ll never walk alone ... for our chat room

my mums ... I just called to say I love you ... she’d sing it all the time down the phone

my old dog who’s up there too .. when you say nothing at all

my grand daughter Emily .. your my world (cilla black)

my son ... your the wind Benita my wings ...

waiting for appointments/ results  ... 12th of never ... ☔️

My younger years ... in the summertime

my funeral ... in the arms of the angel  

present time ... I’m still standing

hope ive not gone too far off what you wanted .. but thanks you nurses are Ab Fab ... big hug from an oldish lass ... ❤️ X


Re: Does music help relieve stress?

20 Oct 2017 00:56 in response to Chriss

Hi I believe that music in any situation manages to cheer everyone up a little.I work in mental health&we have radios on all day when were sitting with residents.I usually have a little sing along or a little dance,at home we have music on a mums has only been in remission from this January,she rang me today to say her cancers back she's had a ca125 read of 2000.last year she had ppc stage 3 had chemo,de bulking surgery, more chemo.finished in January.were all in so much shock&upset life's so cruel.Denise.x

Re: Does music help relieve stress?

20 Oct 2017 07:56 in response to Moderator Helen


An interesting discussion and Chriss love your list of 'loved' tunes and who they represent. 

From a personal viewpoint if you are a lover of any music then, yes, it is a great soother.  Hubby was a lover of music in his car but not bothered at home whereas I dislike 'silence' and usually have the radio on when doing the housework.

Nights in White Satin was and always will be linked to hubby and was played at his funeral.  As and when I plan my own my theme song is 'Bat out of Hell' and hope people will laugh more than they cry!

When my Dad died my Mum immediately handed me her funeral wishes (almost ten years ago now) and apparently has no wish to change her mind so it was written into her funeral plan

As to using music or any other therapy during treatment anything than can help relax you during difficult times would have to be a bonus I think. Many receivers of chemo on my hubby's day ward were 'plugged in' to their own music via ear-phones.  I found it especially true of the male patients at the time who often said it blocked out the surroundings.


Re: Does music help relieve stress?

20 Oct 2017 08:16 in response to Chriss
Those of us going through treatment rock so.... We will rock you seems very appropriate!

Re: Does music help relieve stress?

20 Oct 2017 08:40 in response to jules54

Aarrr nights in white satin ... memories of youth, when you think you’ll always stay young ..... my ol man wants hotel California... he was a rock lover and still see him bopping along to it when it comes on radio and he thinks no one is there.... when I sit chatting with my sister who has dementia, I picture her jiving to rock around the clock by bill Hayley ... my mum with her ken Dodd tape every Sunday morning .. 

my ex hubby the first time I met him was dancing to spirit in the sky .. funny he never danced after that ..only slow ones ...strawberry picking as a 14 year old to thunderclap Newman .. my son played my old records in his car .. me him and my granddaughter all doing carpool karaoke.... 

i wanted originally for my funeral ‘home’ by Michael bubble ... coz I thought home to me was being with mum again .. but dropped it coz I thought everyone would take it literally.. I wanted to go home .. 

it’s sure true to me ... music soothes the soul... even if it brings memories and a few tears ... now when I look after my 3 year old grandson it’s all insy winsy spider.. and the wheels on the bus ... xx

Re: Does music help relieve stress?

20 Oct 2017 08:46 in response to rileyroo

I can just picture you rileyroo, hope it’s still going o.k ... you brave lass .. your an inspiration x