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Does CIN 3 go away on its own?

23 Aug 2019 14:29

So 2 yrs ago almost 3 now i was told i had CIN 1,2, & 3. After 2 biopsies found 12 o clock 2 o clock and CIN 3 at 5 o clock. Scheduled for cold kinfe cone didnt go thru with it as i was told id have a female dr come to find out it was a male so found new female dr that could took a pap and its normal? I still have unregular periods pain and now im having light pink discharge after period which has lasted longer than normal. I also have iron deficient anemia and i have been fasting anywhere between 16 to 24 hrs everyday for maybe 6 months if not longer maybe that cleared it up? I just still have symptoms and now a new one just find it very hard to believe. Thanks 

Does CIN 3 go away on its own?

23 Aug 2019 16:39 in response to Anonymous777

Hello and thanks for posting, 

CIN 3 can sometimes go away by itself, but it might not, which is why it is usually treated in case it doesn't and goes on to develop into cancer in the future (years later).  

CIN can go away because it is caused by an infection with some types of a virus called HPV. If the immune systems get the virus under control, then the abnormal cervical cells can go back to normal. I don't think cells usually go back to normal all that quickly, but I am not sure what the timescales were. 

I don't know why you are having irregular periods or a discharge, it may be a hormonal thing, but I think it would be a good idea to mention it to your doctor.

I am not sure either why you have been fasting for such a long period of time. This isn't good for your health so do discuss it with your doctor. 

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