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Disturbed asbestos?

9 Aug 2019 20:23



we are renovating our home and have knocked a wall down. The wall was brick but the partition was Artex (we didn’t know this when we did it). I have looked today and we have chipped it. We have not had it tested as yet but I am worried that we have been breathing in the dust for over a week. The whole house is being renovated and is full of dust - this is the only Artex that has been touched.

can anyone help advise us on what to do next? If it is asbestos is this amount likely to be damaging?




Disturbed asbestos?

10 Aug 2019 09:39 in response to JessF85

Hi JessF85. Welcome to the forum.

There probably isn't a house built before 2000 which doesn't have asbestos, and I'm pretty certain my own does.  Artex is the name of a surface coating, so a whole partition wouldn't be made from it. It might, however, be coated with it. 

In general, people only get asbestos related disease after repeated exposures over long time periods (tens of years).  In practice, we all get exposed to asbestos from time to time and yet it is very unusual to get sick from it.  Additionally, if the coating is Artex, then it contains White asbestos; whllst no exposure to asbestos is a good thing, white is the least harmful.  

The question is where to go from here.  You could call in a specialist who will test the wall and coating that you've damaged and will give you advice.  Of course, they will charge you for this service.