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Diagnosed with prostate cancer 4 weeks ago.

3 Feb 2023 18:18


I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 4 weeks ago.  Age 54, psa 6.9 , gleason 7 4+3, mri T2 . Saw the surgeon on 12 January, he recommended surgery, told him I'd like to look into RT so he referred me to an oncologist. Had a telephone appointment yesterday, 2 February,  good chat , a very helpful doctor. Still haven't a clue what I should do.  I've looked at side effects of both treatments,  doesn't seem to be a lot of big difference between them apart from the time it takes to be treated. It seems to me that surgery would be the slightly better option but it absolutely scares the hell out of me, never had surgery before. RT seems a more relaxed treatment but I'd have to have HT up to 6 months before starting 4 weeks of 20 sessions of RT she didn't say if I'd need HT after so not sure if I would. Need to make my mind up quickish I reckon. Struggling big time .

P.s I have another appointment with the surgeon next Wednesday 8 Feb so it probably HAS to be decision time!

Diagnosed with prostate cancer 4 weeks ago.

3 Feb 2023 23:10 in response to David54

Hi my 75 year old friend has just finished radio therapy he is now fine. It seems that they give you the choice when we are used to being recommended the best treatment. It makes choosing difficult especially with a similar outcome, Steve went for radio therapy but it takes many hospital visits.
take care 


Diagnosed with prostate cancer 4 weeks ago.

4 Feb 2023 00:11 in response to David54

I've went through it in July 

if you want a chat add me on private messaging  and I can give you everything that has went in with me 


as I got my prostate out with a Gleason score of 3+4 



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Diagnosed with prostate cancer 4 weeks ago.

4 Feb 2023 16:26 in response to boy-blue

Thanks Allan, I think surgery is the way forward so I'll probably need your advice in due course, much appreciated. (Hope you're doing well)

Diagnosed with prostate cancer 4 weeks ago.

4 Feb 2023 16:29 in response to Alfieisastar

Thanks for the advice susie, it is an extremely difficult one. I'm glad you're friend is doing well.

Diagnosed with prostate cancer 4 weeks ago.

10 Feb 2023 15:52 in response to David54

Hi, how are you getting on ? I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago also with 3+4. Felt pretty devastated.

Did they mention HIFU as an option for you ? I am exploring this route...

Diagnosed with prostate cancer 4 weeks ago.

18 Feb 2023 20:08 in response to Seany

Hi Seany,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you,  my heads battered too mate.

Well I've  chosen surgery and got my date through today, it's 2nd March.

Chose surgery reluctantly but Ifor me I think it just wins over radiotherapy. 

Don't want either! But we have to choose one mate.  I wasn't offered hifu but brachytherapy was on the table but the radiotherapy  oncologist said  brachytherapy might not be suitable due to my waterworks (but they are not too bad really) surgery scares the absolute **** out of me but radiation doesn't sit well with me because I'd have to have hormone therapy for up to six months before starting it. The risk of ongoing bladder and bowel issues would make worry like there's no tomorrow as well. 

Surgery side effects seem a very bleak option too but it just seems a better chance of getting rid of the cancer to me. 

All the best to you seany and I hope that you can make the right decision for you mate,  just try and think positive  , I know it's not easy but getting through all this is totally do-able , stay strong.