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Dealing with biopsy results madness

22 Oct 2019 23:04

Hello all,

Brief backstory - went to GP who decided I was being a little too blasé about changes to breast sensation.  Rapid Referral to which Doc didn’t think anything at all. Mammogram anyway and to come back for US.  Went back 2 days later for US to be told by Radiographer that needed magnified views as microcalcification.  But probably wouldn’t need biopsy.  2 days later told nope actually do need core biopsy.  

As a Staff Nurse I understand fully the need to rule out anything sinister but finding it difficult to cope with the ‘actually no it’s not as fine as we thought’ aspect at every stage.  Did anybody else experience the swing in feelings of ‘that’s it, I’ve got breast cancer’ to ‘don’t be so dramatic, the chances are high it’s benign’ and finally ‘I have no right to be over reacting and worrying everyone when it’s probably all for nothing’.  

Feel like I’m actually losing my marbles and in complete lack of control.  I’d be grateful for any advice on how you’ve dealt with the results waiting time and if my swinging moods are ‘usual’.

Oh the joys of breast tissue eh??




Dealing with biopsy results madness

23 Oct 2019 02:40 in response to Flutterby23

Hi ime a guy but i had biopsie and had to wait a month for the results it was stressing me out to it was suspected it wasnt cancer but it matters little being a nurse i suppose its so diffrent when its you going through this rather than in a professional context my brotheres an orthopedic surgeon and it got to him .i wasnt sleeping so went to gp you as a trained person there are things that can help like coming on hear and talking reay helps you can ring the Samaritans for a chat we all need help at times no matter who or what type of person we are i hope you get positive results soon but you know a biopsie is the only true way of finding out if cancer cells are present but most times its not cancer but bang as sn as the c words mentioned now it puts us in a blind panic .best wishs paul

Dealing with biopsy results madness

23 Oct 2019 02:40 in response to Flutterby23

Hi there

It can be a frustrating process, I didnt have any symptoms and mine was picked up iat my first screening. I was shocked to be called back and convinced myself it was nothing (didn't tell anyone) I was shown my mammogram and could see calcifications clusters, I was told they looked normal but they would do a biopsy anyway. A week later told I had DCIS, however was not told the grad, again I downplayed it. Saw surgeon who said surgery must be based on DCIS,not anticipating invasive, post op pathology found invasive in both breasts. The invasive was quite large so missed by mamogram and US. This whole process took 8 months,it has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I never felt in control, never felt that I knew everything that was going on. Control, or at least some control is important to me, so when I didnt have it in the clinical setting I looked for it outside it in terms of my attitude to it. The wating is horrible but I learned to put it to the back of my mind, no amount of worrying was going to help the situation one iota. I kept myself busy, it was a wake-up call to address some issues in my life and I concentrated on that. The swinging moods are normal, we are all scared of the unknown. We worry not only about ourselves but our families too and how they are dealing with it. Just a very worrying time for all really - can't be helped. I hope you have a good outcome when the results come in.



Dealing with biopsy results madness

23 Oct 2019 08:28 in response to Flutterby23

Morning, I was more or less advised at the time of my biopsys that I have cancer. 

Unsure type size etc etc,, 3 week wait stage 2 grade 2 curable.

Mamoplasty reduction and radio, OK. 

Results from mamoplasty sorry it's larger than we though you need chemo, 6mths cycle. Then another op to check margins. Then 5 weeks radiotherapy. 

Long winded I know, I found spending time having fun with my grandkids, focusing on house stuff, boring but it works. 

Adding the fact that you are a nurse can't help. People, say scream shout talk, rant whatever gets you through. 

Hugs work for me so sending you a big squishy Scottish hug

Anne x