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DCIS and multiple lumps?

19 Oct 2021 16:56

My 38yo wife found a lump on her breast around 6 weeks ago. She did a core biopsy which came back as B4/B5a with suspected DCIS. She went through another ultrasound and mammogram since she has another small lump on her breast wall - however she's got dense breasts and they recommended MRI. Done MRI last Thurs, today the surgeon called saying that they've found other 3 areas they want to investigate. We both tried to cope with the earlier news but today feel quite strange - I have the fear that this may be much more worse than we initially thought. I heard DCIS can be multi-focal but I know very little about it. My worse fear of course if that the cancer may be way more advanced than it seems - however wouldn't have that shown up from the biopsy?

Appreciate anybody sharing their experiences if relevant.


DCIS and multiple lumps?

19 Oct 2021 17:32 in response to worriedhusbandsurrey

Hi @worriedhusbandsurrey ‍ 

I was diagnosed with high grade DCIS in September but they also biopsied 2 other areas in the breast and left little coil markers so they know they have checked them. The two other lumps came back as benign which was good. I had a wide local excision to remove my lesion. You will find the different lesions/sizes will need different treatment. Has your wife been given a number for the breast care nurses? They are really helpful and will answer any questions for you. TobyJr

DCIS and multiple lumps?

19 Oct 2021 17:57 in response to tobyjr

Hi @tobyjr ‍, thanks for getting back to me and I'm sorry about your diagnosis - hope you're recovering well from your WLE.

Your experience has been very valuable - of course we would have hoped the MRI to come clear but appreciate that other lesions may come out which are not necessarily the same as the one which was already biopsied. I had a feeling that from a MRI you could tell if it was good or bad but the surgeon said that of course they want to do all the analysis before scheduling the surgery as they don't want to do a WLE and then maybe realising they need to do another one.

We have the number for the nurses, my wife doesn't really feel like asking much as right now she just knows she needs to wait until her next US + Biopsy, which should be happening within 7 days. But it's good to know we can call them - between the two of us is usually me that wants to know more and talk it out, she knows however I've been posting on the forum.

DCIS and multiple lumps?

20 Oct 2021 00:51 in response to worriedhusbandsurrey


I have been diagnosed with DCIS in March this year after a few months strugle of pain and breast swelling to get tested.First MRI in feb showed a 12mm lession,in march was 15 when I had an MRI guided biopsy.In may I decided to have a mastectomy over a wired localisation lumpectomy.Mamogram I had before the surgery showed new clusters spread over the breast.

I wanted some form of treatment after mastectomy as I feared recurence.

No treatment offered.On my report was no hormone receptor which I kept asked for for 5 months.

Finally told is positive strong for both estrogene and progesterone,been given tamoxifen only after insisted for.

My reconstructed breast strted to swell again like it did prior surgery.I now have boyh breasts hurting badly and worried.I am looking to remove the implant and the other breast and go flat for few years.

Dont be fooled by DCIS,could be more serious than we believe.


If your wife is offered a mastectomy would be a good think as it lower the reccurence rate.

I have found surgery easy,np surgery related pain or issues.My only regret is I did not removed both .

Best of luck and stay strong but please do your research and stay strong and demand firmly what is best for her as I met women they were offer less treatment and now are in trouble.


DCIS and multiple lumps?

20 Oct 2021 12:00 in response to cancertired

Hi @cancertired ‍ and thanks for your answer! I'm sorry to hear your experience and I hope you'll be able to sort your current situation. I'm sure other people in this forum may have been through something similar.


We are preparing for the worse of course, the only think we don't think we would be ready for it would be if it's secondary. But there's no pointers for that so far so fingers crossed. I'll be there to ask questions and help my wife making the better decision - she's very firm though so we will make sure we get what we want.