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Re: Daughter (9) in maintenance stage ALL - Hair questions!

7 Feb 2018 10:27 in response to Lisamc
Hi I'm very new to the community. I'm a cancer patient 15 years old turning 16 this year, diagnosed ALL on Feb of 2016, and I'm sure when you reed this your daughter is finished with everything. I'm having the same problem as your daughter (and I'm a boy) I'm losing my hair even in maintenance I'm so disappointed with it I thought after finishing my chemo and going in the maintenance phase my hair will grow back and stop falling after every two or maximum of 8 months my hair starting to fall again they say drinking plenty of water will help to prevent hair fall and eating foods rich in folic acid I tried them but still doesn't work I wear a hoodie everyday I go to school and kinda depresses me and finally my hair came back again after two or three months and made me happy (especially when I or you look good with natural hair) for about two or 8 months cause my hair fell again at that time that's why my friends keeps asking me why I wear a hoodie everyday and I replied I'm diagnosed with ALL or acute bluh bluh bluh lukemia. Last year (2016) I was home schooled because my treatment was almost everyday and cause I know my hair is falling and cause I'm balled but now in my country is almost summer and lasted a school year while my hair is falling and next school year will be my 4th year in highschool batch 2018 and 2019 will have an activity after graduation and it's my prom and I'm scared that I can't find a partner cause I'm balled or weird cause of wearing a jacket everyday cause I'm balled or my hair will fall before prom and will be balled in prom or worse I will not be able to join the prom. Sad sorry if my grammar is messy or missing any apostrophes and commas.

Re: Daughter (9) in maintenance stage ALL - Hair questions!

7 Feb 2018 12:28 in response to BlAnK0110

I'm so sorry you are going through this. I know from experience how devastating it is. My daughters hair was growing back and started getting longer  and strong.  She was wearing hair extensions to make her hair longer and more natural. This past summer in her last two months of maintanence so much hair came out. She had bald spots everywhere. She is still wearing extensions but it's still a huge set back. She takes biotin and viviscal which help to strengthen her hair. After about a month or two off of maintanence her hair started getting stronger but for her it's like starting all over again. I know it's a hard age. She is in her second year of high school and it's been tough for her.  Have you talked twith your doctor about it? 


Im so sorry this happened to you. I don't understand why it happens to a small percentage of people. 

Re: Daughter (9) in maintenance stage ALL - Hair questions!

8 Feb 2018 11:08 in response to sukey

nah its fine but thank for being concerned and it is kind of devastating at first but after the radiation stuff and chemo I'm almost kinda used to the pain and I'm in maintenance phase now so phew goodbye though times. but now I have two problems 1st is being bald cause my hair is falling and 2nd that my cycle will repeat cause it relapsed (that I wish will never happen) I wish there's a solution for my first problem cause I'm a teen and having my prom next year which is in feb 2019 and cause my hair is falling yesterday. but does hair extensions really makes your hair look natural?? how about wigs does it look natural? if you ever bought a wig for your daughter how do you wear it if you're bald? and yes I've talked with my doctor with it when he first saw me and talked to me about my hair he immediately "said after two or three months it will fall again depends on how you take care of yourself" so yeah I'm just finding a way to help speed up my hair growth or while my hair is growing while I'm bald, to help me find a wig that fits and looks natural on me that never falls if there's a strong wind.


and I wish cancer will have a cure someday it would be a miracle if that happens and I'll pray for all who has cancer that their chemo is successful


Edit: thanks for the tips tho