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Dads Funeral

28 Nov 2022 15:40



My dad passed away a couple of weeks ago after a short fight with cancer. I'm feeling empty and it all feels surreal. It's his funeral on Friday and I'm feeling so anxious- is this normal ? 
  Thanks Vicki 

Dads Funeral

28 Nov 2022 17:45 in response to Vickit78

Hi Vicki,

I am so sorry to hear about you losing your dad after a short fight with cancer. I have been through similar recently and felt I should reply. My stepdads funeral was last Wednesday after he passed from a short battle with mouth cancer. We got the diagnosis in April and he had several operations and was undergoing treatment but then found out it had spread to his lungs and he lived for just 2 more weeks. My heart breaks for you as it is the worst feeling.

The way you are feeling is completely normal. I felt sick to my stomach at my stepdads funeral. It all becomes a bit of a blur and I hardly remember it to be honest. I do remember breaking down when I saw other family members waiting outside, allow yourself to get upset and let it out. Be patient with yourself, there is no need to hurry in how you are feeling. Anything you feel is completely normal.  Hold hands with your family members on the day and you will get through it. One thing we were able to laugh about was that my stepdad was early to his own funeral and he was always prompt and early to appointments and everything when he was here. What I'm trying to say is remember all your happy memories with your loved one and it's okay to smile at that. 

Sending my love to you and your family at this horrible time and for Friday.

Lots of love xx



Dads Funeral

28 Nov 2022 17:51 in response to Vickit78

Hi Vicki,

I am sorry for your loss. My father passed away on 15th November 8 weeks after being diagnosed with cancer.

I feel completely lost and empty and I am struggling to move forwards. It feels like the sadness will never end.

We had my dad's funeral on Saturday and I was very anxious especially the day before. On the day I seemed to be able to get through it albeit it I was very upset. You may find it a comfort being around family and people who loved your dad.

I have found that the following two days following my dad's  funeral (yesterday and today) I have felt incredibly sad and low and I have no idea what to do now.

I assume it is very normal. My cousin said when she lost her Father she focused on a particular focus point during service to get through it.


Dads Funeral

28 Nov 2022 20:09 in response to Vickit78

Hi Vicki

I lost my dad 3 weeks ago today. His funeral was on Wednesday and I planned most of if so I was busy the entire 2 weeks leading up. The day was lovely. In fact, I dreaded the service so much that it was actually the wake I struggled with. I really felt dad not being there as he was the soul of the party. 
It was the next day that I found dark. Suddenly there was no dad to see and take care of and no funeral planning - an emptiness. But my focus is making it through a day at a time. For now, I tell myself 'ok, im not going to see dad today' and leave it at that (try to!)
feel free to message me if would like to chat anytime. Don't go through this alone. 
kim xx

Dads Funeral

1 Dec 2022 22:49 in response to Vickit78

Hi Vicki 

My dad also passed away a couple of weeks ago and I feel just like you, its terrible isn't it. I feel like I'm in a bad dream. I'm trying to do 1 day at a time and I think I'm not seeing dad today, I can't think further ahead. 

I hope Friday goes OK, my dad's funeral is on Monday.

Take care xx 

Dads Funeral

4 Dec 2022 23:30 in response to RD

Hi ,


So sorry to hear about your dad too.. I know surreal 


funeral went well - I really hope it goes well take care also xxxx

Dads Funeral

4 Dec 2022 23:32 in response to k1990

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the reply - I appreciate it .. dads funeral went well... I'm back home and know what you mean - just feel flat and low - but thank you - I will messsge you xx

hope you are coping ok too xx

Dads Funeral

4 Dec 2022 23:34 in response to Lulu86

Thank you for the message - dads funeral went well - was so anxious but we got through it together... I'm taking each day as it comes .. hope you are coping ok too xxx

Dads Funeral

4 Dec 2022 23:37 in response to Kath_22

Thank you so much for the reply ... it all went well and we had lots of memories to laugh at ... hope ur coping ok xxx