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cystoscopy bladder results

19 Sep 2019 00:42


I had the camera test due to passing blood and pain. The nurse said the red mark on the camera which looked inside bladder a was a age related mark.

I was told that it was similar to the brown marks on your skin which present with old age. I am 63.

The mark is like a strawberry. I am thinking of going back to my GP.

I wanted to ask the group has anyone heard of this.

I recently had a CT scan for bowel infection and was told my bladder was normal but did not have contrast due to an allergy to iodine.

Hoping  someone heard of this problem.

Thanks armanella

cystoscopy bladder results

20 Sep 2019 10:36 in response to Armanella

Hello Armenella,

Thank you for posting a question. I am sorry to learn about your situation,

Unfortunately I cannot be particularly helpful as  I have never been involved in doing cystoscopy examinations. But I can tell you that when specialist nurses are trained to do this procedure this is at a very high level  and they have to do very many supervised procedures before they are given 'free reign'. So if the nurse is not worried this is reassuring. 

I would imagine that you are worried because red patches in the bladder might occasionally be early bladder cancer. Although I have never seen it myself, I have read that these patches look velvet like. Maybe your mark looked completely different. But as you remain concerned do contact your GP surgery. They may be able to explain things more fully However it might be worthwhile waiting a few weeks  then they should have received a report from the hospital.

Even if someone else comes forward who has had a red mark in the bladder their situation may not be the same as yours. 

Please get back to us if you have any other questions.  If you would like to telephone the number to call is Freephone 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

Kind regards,