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Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma(CTCL)

27 Mar 2010 19:09

hello to all,please im after a bit of support and help in under standing CTCL.ive just been told i have this rare skin been checked at min to see if it is internal or just skin based .any help on this would be appreciated. many thanks jason:grin:

Re: Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma(CTCL)

3 Sep 2011 10:14 in response to jasonwbond

sorry to hear that jason hope you are coping well with it my husband was diagnosed in 2009 as they told him for 2 years before hand it was dustmitee allergy so we have had a lot of  medical neglance make sure you can get all the treatment you can for this horrible disese please let me know how you go on with it all take care jackie x