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CT scans and results on the day

15 May 2014 12:06

Hi all, hoping someone can help shed some light on something for me. My nan went for a CT scan yesterday, presumably to look for bowel cancer, and as she was alone we are confused as to what was said. It is usual does anyone know for them to say there and then what was seen, but then to say wait for consultant appointment? She rang my poor mum after and said they had said it was bowel cancer and there was a hole in the bowel wall, however later on when I spoke to her she simply said I dont know, they didnt say anything. She is very confused as I think the anemia is affecting her, and they wont treat it until they have a firm diagnosis. Although I am concerned it is bowel cancer, is it typical for a technician at a CT scan to say something like that then send someone away? We are not sure if this came from her talking to a person in the waiting area.

Re: CT scans and results on the day

15 May 2014 12:16 in response to mrsdrspoon

Hi Mrsdrspoon,

Welcome to this great forum. I am not a medical person but it's been my experience that they never say anything for they only operate the machine and it need to be looked at by someone who is qualified to interpret the results. Usually you have wait one to two weeks so I would think it unlikely she was told anything.

Hope it turns out she has not got cancer, Sending best wishes to you both and please let us know how it turns out, Brian.

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15 May 2014 12:25 in response to woodworm

Many thanks for your kind words. I did think it would be odd that they would break news like that then send someone away. Just hate being in the dark and having no answers :\

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15 May 2014 15:12 in response to woodworm


I have now had two CT Scans and each time it has been a case of they take the scan and you then get told the result when you see the doctor/consultant who ordered the scan to get the result.

On my second CT Scan this was done Friday morning and on the Tuesday morning I saw the consultant.  He did not have the result and chased the Radiographer saying they were clearly told when my appointment was and when the result was required,  Radiographer sorted it there and then but did say it normally takes a week to get the result.

I think it is highly unlikely they would have said anything to your Gran because it is not their place to do so but is up to the consultant.

When I had my first scan it showed large masses in my stomach and neck with enlarged lymph nodes throughout my body.  On the second scan they had all gone and I have no doubt had they been able or allowed to they would have told me  but nothing was said becuase it is up to the consultant in charge of your Gran's case to do this.

I would suggest that where possible someone accompany your Gran to her appointments and to write down any questions.  I know I did not write my questions down and both myself and my husband forgot to ask them.  Your Gran will probably be given a great deal of information on her next appointment  to try and take in the to have someone with her will help as whoever is with her may remember things she does not.

Hope this helps.


Re: CT scans and results on the day

16 May 2014 01:37 in response to SleepyCat

I agree with Woodworm and Sleepy Cat; a technician ordinarily would not provide results or interpret scans. I had a CT scan Saturday after completing chemotherapy for stage 4 bladder cancer. Yesterday I met with my oncologist who provided the results, fortunately clear with no evidence of continuing cancer or spreading. I'll be having repeat CT exams about every three months for the next year to be sure nothing develops (cancer cells could be present but too few to be detected yet).

I'm pleased to be done with chemo, no severe side-effects other than fatigue. I will have a course of radiation treatment next to try to eliminate any cancer cells that may have remained when the tumor was removed (one margin was not clear, which means some cancer was not completely eliminated). Chemo may have cleared things up, but radiation seems a prudent course.

Re: CT scans and results on the day

16 May 2014 07:39 in response to LuckyGuy

Morning Lucky Guy

Just wanted to say was pleased to read that your scan showed good results and wish you well with your continuing treatment/recovery and would also agree that everyone's comments will I am sure help regarding the confusion over what and when you get results from CT scans. Have a good weekend.Jules

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16 May 2014 11:09 in response to jules54

Hi Lucky Guy

So pleased to hear your results.  I agree that the prudent course is to get the radiotherapy to zap any cancers cells that might still remain.  Having got this far you do not want a call down the line to say sorry we did not get them all!

My original CT Scan showed large masses in my abdomen and neck and all lymph nodes being enlarged.  The second CT Scan was like yours and after cycle 4 and showed it had all gone.  Have since completed six full chemos and have two partials left which like your radiotherpay shuld zap any of the little b***ers still floating around.

Hope the radiotherapy goes well.


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17 May 2014 08:56 in response to mrsdrspoon


It would be very unusual to receive results in this way. The standard process is:-

1) a radiographer does the scan

2) the results are interpreted by a radiologist and a formal report is produced

3) the report is sent to the consultant oncologist who uses it to plan treatment, including any further tests or scans, often as part of a multidisciplinary team meeting

4) the consultant meets the patient, presents the results and discusses treatment options

There have been cases where the radiographer has been unprofessional and disclosed to patients that there is an abnormality. This may lead to disciplinary action including dismissal because they are not qualified to interpret the images.

Hope this helps


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18 May 2014 19:55 in response to davek

Hi thanks for this- is it usual for the results to go to the GP? No contact from hospital since her scan so the GP office said make an appoinment in two weeks by then they should have them? I had originally thought it would be immediate to a consultant to cut out the GP?

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20 May 2014 09:50 in response to mrsdrspoon

It depends on the local set up - my GP automatically receives a copy of my blood tests and my CT scan report but usually after I've seen the oncologist. The report will go straight to the consultant, the copy to the GP is usually for information.

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21 May 2014 12:11 in response to davek


DaveK is right.  The result of my CT Scan went to my consultant and was copied to my GP.  Normally it will be whoever ordered the CT Scan that will give you the results rather than the GP.

Hope you get to her soon.


Re: CT scans and results on the day

13 Mar 2018 13:27 in response to SleepyCat husbands having a ct scan this fri will he know the results the same day