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CT Scan today

23 Jun 2022 04:20

Hi very nervous today went for my CT scan and had a lovely nurse but she had trouble getting the flow needle into my elbow vein so she tried back of my hand that never worked either as when it was attached to the dye machine it was very sore and so I had to go back to the prep room and the senior nurse put it in my other hand and bingo . The dye I did not mind as it was a cold feeling then warmed up my arm,chest, and bladder then I had it again. The scan itself was not to long about 40 mins and now I got to wait for the results and specialist chat. I was reading about my work and going sick to do my treatment and recovery but it is an absolute nightmare to see what financial help you can get especially in these hard times, it seems unless you are on your last legs your don't get much help and if you can breathe and move your arms your grand, been working since 17 and now 61 .

CT Scan today

23 Jun 2022 09:56 in response to Davyellie61

Best of luck with your scan 

i am waiting to have my 3rd and please final scan on the next 30 days so 

CT Scan today

23 Jun 2022 13:09 in response to GUSDXB

Hi GUSXB can I ask if it is OK what type of cancer you have please? 

CT Scan today

23 Jun 2022 14:07 in response to Davyellie61

Hello its Non Hodgkin Follicular Lymphoma