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Ct scan

18 Sep 2019 16:36

In previous Post I mentioned my partner had breast cancer just over a year ago about 3month ago she complained to doctor of neck pains so he sent her for mri scan which thankfully came back clear apart from a suspected cyst on her liver which he assured us not to worry about but said would need an ultrasound she had that on Friday which the nurse doing ultrasound said she could not find anything after having a good look around I took this as good news. In between this she had an appointment with her oncologist which knew nothing of ultrasound and mri as it was gp who organised it but said would have a look at report and organise a ct scan I'm pretty sure just to be safe my question is if an mri is clear and a ultrasound I can't imagine the ct scan showing anything bad also she is still on herceptin and zoledex and I assume it's unlikely to have a reoccurrence while still under this treatment I pretty sure it's just double checking and being thorough 

Ct scan

19 Sep 2019 16:40 in response to Safc

Hello and thanks for your further post

It is quite common for doctors to arrange different scans and tests to compare them as they can sometimes give additional information. This doesn't mean that anything is wrong, and as you have said they are just been thorough.

Although breast cancer can sometimes come back during treatment, it is not very common.

I hope that helps.

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