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CT Scan

8 Mar 2018 15:03


I am 21 years old and have had a lump on the right side of my neck for a few years now. I have started to find in the last few months I have lost weight and am exhausted constantly and have severe chest pains. I have family history of Lymphoma which I am concerned with. I have had my bloods checked and all they could find is my platelet count is low. I have been sent for CT scan which I had done yesterday I am due to go back for the results on the 20th March. I was just wondering if anyone had found that if its serious they found out sooner than two weeks or if its normal to wait this long?

Re: CT Scan

8 Mar 2018 15:57 in response to BeckyN

Hi BeckyN. Welcome to the forum.

I'm not a doctor.

In my experience, which I think is echoed by other members of the forum, you can't read anything into the timing of results. They come when they come. It's also common that you get to see a consultant, or one of the team, even when the results are clear. This is so that there is someone to answer any questions you might have, plus a clear result doesn't necessarily mean that they know what has caused the lump in the first place, so they may still want to schedule further tests. 

I recently had an MRI scan on my neck for a persistent sore throat. On the same day I had the scan, I received a letter giving me a follow up appointment. That was for 6 days later, and obviously they had no way of knowing what the results might be.  At the follow up, I was told the MRI had found nothing, but they decided the prudent thing was to do an endoscopy and biopsy under general anaesthetic one week later. I received the second follow up appointment letter one week after the procedure, and it was for one week ahead.  At the second follow up, I was given the all clear. My progress seems typical: test, results, more tests, more results, rinse and repeat. 

So, I really hope that your CT is clear, but don't be too surprised if they biopsy the lump anyway, just to be on the safe side.

Incidentally, I've never had a CT scan. What was it like? 


Re: CT Scan

8 Mar 2018 16:37 in response to telemando

Thank you for your reply, hopefully I hear sooner rather than later.

The CT scan was fine I was worried about feeling claustrophobic but the staff were lovely and made me feel at ease. It was more the dye they inject that was the strangest part of the whole experience.

On my appointment letter it does say 1-2 weeks for the results which is in line with my appointment on the 20th March its just going to be a long two weeks thats all.