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CT Scan

18 Jul 2019 12:08

Good afternoon,

I initially went to the gp two months ago after finding a lump in my neck, and was sent for several blood tests, all were fine aside from being folate deficient and had a crp level of 15. Other symptoms were drenching night sweats and fatigue. 

I then started with severe left side pain, it felt like my ribs were bruised and the pain was between my hip and ribs also. I had a day in hospital and had a chest xray, and abdomen ultrasound as they thought it was kidney stones. All was ok and the pain went away after about 10 days.

In the meantime I was referred to haematology, the consultant appeared quite dismissive and said that if it was lymphoma I would be more poorly than I am and that night sweats on their own were not an indication of lymphoma. He did a general feel of my neck and discharged me pending CT scan results. 

The appointment for CT is on 25th July and has been booked for Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis - I am confused why it has not been booked for a neck scan considering that is where the lumps are - there are now two smaller ones on the left side of my neck and a larger one above my collar bone. 

If they do not scan my neck, is it likely that lymphoma could be picked up in other areas of my body, or do I need to try and ask the consultant to change where they scan?

This is my first time posting so I apologise for it being lengthy.




CT Scan

18 Jul 2019 14:45 in response to Dessa


Sorry to read about your situation.

I was in a similar predicament a couple of years ago, so I asked the CT appointments secretary to check whether my referral should have included an area not mentioned in my appointment letter. 

She rang my consultant’s secretary who apologised and said there was a typo on the referral. There may be a reason for not scanning your neck but mistakes do happen, so it would be worth checking before your scan. 

Good luck


CT Scan

19 Jul 2019 15:36 in response to davek

Thank you for your reply, I spoke to the oncologists secretary yesterday who told me that they wouldn't change the appointment to include a neck scan and that I should trust that he knows what he's doing. 

I have no reason not to do that, so will have the scan next week and hope for the best. 

CT Scan

20 Jul 2019 21:09 in response to Dessa

That sounds reassuring - you can always ask him why he didn't scan the neck when you next see him. There's probably a good reason behind it.

Good luck