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Could singing help beat chemo brain?

14 Oct 2014 09:09

A woman who suffered memory loss from chemotherapy as she battled cancer sang her way to recovery after joining a choir.

Barbara Cartwright¿s memory was left impaired by aggressive rounds of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer two years ago. The treatment¿s side-effect ¿ known as chemo fog ¿ left her unable her to remember whether she had eaten breakfast or paid a bill.

Keen to beat the fog, she started singing with her local choir and found that learning lyrics helped her memory. She said: ¿I found the memory loss very frustrating yet funny at times. ¿I would make myself some breakfast and forget to eat it. Then I would wonder why I was hungry at lunchtime.

There have been a number of studies which have looked at the potential effects of cancer treatment on memory and cognitive function, and some patients report problems after treatment. Many people say that keeping an active mind helps them feel better and helps improve their memory, so it's something to consider. Cancer Research UK has a summary of information about the effects of chemotherapy on the brain on our website

We¿d love to hear your stories of chemo-brain! Have you got a funny tale to tell or do you have any tips you can share?

Re: Could singing help beat chemo brain?

15 Oct 2014 23:28 in response to Moderator Sarah

My dad has been suffering from chemo brain, He had the same conversation with me for 3 days in a row. My mum gives him a job to do and he forgets and does another job that didnt need doing.

If he starts singing to help his memory i think he might burst our ear drums