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Consistent cough for over 3 months and more

8 Nov 2018 12:33

Hello All, 

I have had a chronic cough from over 3 months now. Along with flu like symptoms. I.e. runny nose, tiredness, nausea, abdominal pain, headaches, muscle pain, shortness of breath, confusion, fatigue.  Now on my second lot of antibioltics and nothing is changing, i had an urgent chest xray on monday and got the results to day that the x-ray was normal. 

I know i should be happy with this but ive just got this strong feeling something is wrong! i have had multiple chest infections over the past two-three years and this just feels very different. 

My cousin and uncle have both been diagnosed with cancer last year, luckily my cousins was caught very quickly and she did not have to go through chemo (throat cancer), however my uncles was not as his (bowel cancer) has spread through his entire body. It is very unlikely he will survive more then a year. 

i dont know if this is just my mind jumping to conclusions due to my family history but i just cant shake this feeling. I am going to see my GP after work today but i just know he is going to say eveything is fine. have no idea what to do. 

Any advise you can give is very appreciated, 



Re: Consistent cough for over 3 months and more

8 Nov 2018 16:40 in response to Scared234

Hi and thanks for your post

I'm sorry you've been feeling unwell for a while, and can understand that with the recent cancer diagnoses in the family, you are a bit worried.

We are often contacted by people who are worried about their symptoms and ask what might be the matter. But as you can appreciate it is very difficult for us to say what is wrong.

I can't say what is the cause of your symptoms, although most of the symptoms you say you have, can in fact be put down to many other causes,including a viral infection that actually can persist for many months. 

It must have been reassuring to know that your x-ray was clear.

When you see your GP do discuss your symptoms again. They may order some blood tests and some further investigations if they feel it's necessary after examining you and taking a history.

I hope you start to feel better soon