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Confused - biopsy

19 Sep 2019 09:57

Hi all, 

It feels a bit weird writing in here. I'd promised not to start googling but I'm not stupid and even though the doctor was very careful not to actually say "that word", I just want to understand my current situation a little more. Maybe I'm not even posting in the appropriate forum so I'm really sorry if I'm not!! 

Just over a year ago I had a breast abscess which got infected. I was in hospital on IV antibiotics for a few days and it was then drained. I was left with an empty "sac" where the abscess was, but infection gone and all sorted. Just after that, found out I was pregnant and went on to have my third baby.

A few months after she was born (I am not and have never breastfed) I noticed that the little lump was more palpable than it used to be. I kept an eye for a few weeks and it just seemed more noticeable to me and wasn't going anywhere. I saw my GP who referred me on to the breast clinic. This appointment was yesterday. The first doctor had a look and said he believed it was still just the empty sac but sent me down for an ultrasound to check it, and that I could probably just go home after the US and not come back up to see him afterwards.

At the US the doctor had a look and said he could see the sac. I also looked at the monitor and he said he could see a second black mass near to it which was something to do with a lymph...something? He said he didn't know what it was and wanted to take a biopsy. This was with an incision and a big clunky needle thing. Sorry for the rather basic terminology haha! He said that the results would take 2-3 weeks and to go back up to clinic to speak to the doctor again.

The doctor said that they wanted to see what the biopsy results were and there would then be a meeting between them and surgeons etc to discuss what they will do with whatever this lump is? He said if it was up to that clinic they'd just want to remove it anyway but apparently there's more to it. I'm trying not to read between lines here but it sounds a bit dodgy. I'm 33, 3 kids, no history of breast cancer (although family history of other cancers including my cousin who was my age when she got ovarian).

Am I reading into this too much? When the doctor said something about it being a lymph thing it got a bit alarming for me but maybe I'm being silly.

Does anyone have any insight into this whatsoever? What are they trying to look for here and what should I expect to happen? 

Confused - biopsy

21 Sep 2019 14:22 in response to bakervw

Hi Bakervw

It's natural to worry about things and to try to read between the lines when attending appointments and waiting for results. 

It's difficult to comment on what the Consultant has said without knowing the terminology that was used. The majority of people who attend breast clinic aren't diagonosed with cancer - try to keep that in mind. There are lots of different reasons that some might have a lump and at hopefully now that you've had the biopsy you won't have to wait too long for answers. 

You might find it helpful to have a chat with one of our team of nurses whilst you're waiting for your appointment. You can call them on 0808 800 4040 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm). 

Do come back and let us know how things go at your clinic appointment. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator

Confused - biopsy

28 Sep 2019 08:39 in response to Moderator Jenn

Thanks for your reply. 

I was called back a week after my biopsy asking if I could come in the next day. I didn't really think anything of it at the time but I couldn't make that appointment and then they asked me to come in the day after (yesterday). Alarm bells did start ringing then but I decided that it was likely they couldn't get a decent biopsy which was why they got back to me soon.

Went to my appointment yesterday and pretty quickly got weird vibes in the waiting room. Then a nurse came and got me and took me to the consultation room and it was game over from there really.

I have stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma as well as DCIS, B5a plus 5b. I had genetic testing yesterday as I am so young (33) and it is exacerbated by estrogen.

I can't really put into words all the emotions I'm feeling. Yesterday was my birthday so really not a day I had planned. I have 3 very young daughters (3, 1 and 4m) and I'm so scared of what's ahead. Surgery booked for 11th October and then I have to get chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

I almost didn't even get this lump checked out at all. It is on the site of an old abscess I had last year and I honestly assumed it was to do with that. So did my GP. I can't believe what this has turned into. The consultant yesterday said they are going to do an internal investigation as they think it might have been missed when I was in for my abscess. I have to park that in my mind for now as there's no point thinking about what ifs. Just got to get on with it all. It's treatable and that's all that matters right now. I have no idea how to approach this with my children, especially the 3 year old. I was given a children's book to read to them but being handed that was the closest I've got to crying so far since I've been told, and I don't know if I'll be able to even open it let alone read it to her. It all seems so ridiculously unfair.