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Concerned pancreatic cancer

12 Sep 2021 21:24

Hi not sure why I'm posting other than hoping to get some of my concerns out of my head. I'm really scared, I have been having niggling back pain only left side for several months. I also have swelling in neck (checked in March and ok) Previously been to gp few times who prescribed acid reflux tablets. Then over the last few months everything has spiralled out of control. 
I have lost almost 2 stone in weight, my back ache is now pretty constant and gets worse when I eat, and keeps me awake, the pain is radiating to my left side and abdomen.i have no appetite, greasy stools and weirdly a swollen tongue.  My skin is also really spotty and I look awful. 
I do not have juandice, grey floaty stools or dark urine. 
 I went  back to gp a few times and had full bloods all came back clear, she just thinks I am anxious but I demanded referral to gastroenterologist although she commented she was only doing it due to my anxiety. I had appt with consultant last week over zoom and now waiting  for CT scan. 

I took myself to a and e on Friday as the pain was so bad but again got fobbed off and told I had gastric issues and got a prescription for buscopan. The doctor told me I could NOT have cancer as my bloods were fine. I told him I wasnt medically trained but bloods do not detect most cancer!!! He said it would show in liver function. Again he just thought I had anxiety.  

I can't stop crying, my poor partner and family are so worried about me. I have young baby  who is only 6 months old and  he was miracle baby after trying for 5 years im  heartbroken that I might be sick and have to leave him. Im usually super fit and healthy and happy go lucky.  I feel like im slowly fading away and nobody in medical profession believes i'm ill. 

I'm chasing private hospital tomorrow for CT date. I'm certain it will be bad news but I just need to know so me and my family can then deal with whatever.

As I say I just needed to get my concerns out of my head. 

Concerned pancreatic cancer

13 Sep 2021 00:21 in response to Baby45

Hi baby45

Im waiting for a consultant apt for a different type of issue to you just now but in March this year I had my gallbladder out - after ten years of problems and being fobbed off. There were never gallstones when I was scanned so I was always told not gallbladder. I was given buscopan so many times and even told it was in my head..  but I ended so down and in agony over the summer of 2019 and had to beg for an endoscopy. Got that and was told only thing was small inflammation at the duodenum. Consultant said nothing wrong but gp pushed back and I eventually got a Hilda scan that showed my gallbladder wasn't functioning. Then they agreed to take it out. So in short keep pushing for some answers.  And I really understand how your feeling right now. it's the most horrendous range of emotions. Xxx

Concerned pancreatic cancer

13 Sep 2021 08:13 in response to Sooz77

Thank you. I hope you get sorted too. 
i keep  thinking of all the things it could be that would not be as awful as pancreatic cancer but all of my symptoms keep taking me back to that. Haven't slept all night with my back. 
just need to know 

Concerned pancreatic cancer

13 Sep 2021 09:43 in response to Baby45

No sleep here either for days. Which obviously makes us feel even worse. I'm the same, husband saying it could be anything but my body is telling me it is. Two weeks ago I felt fine. Now it's like I'm ticking off the symptoms (cervical cancer). 
i hipe you manage to get your scan chased up today. 

Concerned pancreatic cancer

13 Sep 2021 09:49 in response to Sooz77

Bless you. The hospital just called the consultant has finally sent request for scan through. They are just checking it over and going to call me with slot. I hope you get your appointment sorted too. 

Concerned pancreatic cancer

14 Sep 2021 21:51 in response to Baby45

Got my ct scan for tomorrow.

sooz77 any news on your appointment?