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Complete Lymph Node Clearance

19 Jan 2016 20:22

Has anybody had this done and if so, what treatment followed your surgery?

Having been mistakenly told after initial ultrasound and subsequent SLNB (nuclear tracer/day before mastectomy and blue dye/day of mastectomy - no 'blue' side effects) that my lymph nodes were clear I was subsequently informed after pathology report that two nodes (out of two) were diseased - one node micro and the other macro.

Microscopic (or minimal): Only a few cancer cells are in the node. A microscope is needed to find them.

Gross (also called significant or macroscopic): There is a lot of cancer in the node. You can see or feel the cancer without a microscope.

I am now wondering why the cancer  in the macro node was not spotted during SLNB. 

I am due to have a full lymph node clearance in early Feb - I am presuming this will entail removal of nodes from levels 1, 2 and 3 but am really not sure.

Thank you. X

Complete Lymph Node Clearance

22 Jan 2016 00:41 in response to dunanat1

Anybody? X

Complete Lymph Node Clearance

22 Jan 2016 04:36 in response to dunanat1

I didn't know this could be done.  I have enlarged lymph nodes and they are just sitting there, like a time bomb, waiting to explode,  Have often wondered why they cant be removed.

Complete Lymph Node Clearance

22 Jan 2016 09:02 in response to dunanat1

Don't you have another pre op appointment?

If your worried phone your breast care nurses that's what they are there for.Im in contact with mine via email.

Ness x 

Complete Lymph Node Clearance

22 Jan 2016 22:07 in response to Nessemo3

Hi Vanessa,

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Unfortunately I do not have another pre-operative assessment appointment. 

My breast care nurse cannot speculate as to what treatment  I may or may not require after  lymph node removal - I was interested in finding out what other people had experienced.

It is good to hear that you have such immediate accessibilty to your breast nurse. X


Complete Lymph Node Clearance

22 Jan 2016 22:37 in response to dunanat1

It's such a shame no one else has seen your post.

I wish I could help 


Complete Lymph Node Clearance

23 Jan 2016 07:57 in response to dunanat1

Hi, 5 years ago I had Lobluar breast cancer. I had my right breast removed and all Lymph nodes on that side. I then had chemo and radiotherapy, Hope this helps.  Pleased to say I am now doing just fine xx

Complete Lymph Node Clearance

23 Jan 2016 21:23 in response to Sitesi

Hi Sitesi,

Thank you very much for your kind reply.

I was wondering if cancer was present in your removed lymph nodes? My SLNB showed two positive nodes (micro/macro) and I am now awaiting Axillary removal.

So very glad to hear that you are doing well. X

Complete Lymph Node Clearance

23 Jan 2016 21:55 in response to dunanat1


Yes cancer was present in 9 - difficult to remember exactly but I believe 18 or 19 were removed. As I understand it not everyone has the same amount - not certain of that but I believe so. Unfortunatley I did not notice the changes in my breast until quite late which is common I believe with Lobular cancer. I forgot to mention that I have also been taking Letrozole for the past 5 years as well as my cancer was estrogen fed. I have asked my consultant if I can continue to take it as it gives me confidence that the cancer will not return and he has agreed although  he doesn't believe it is necessary. Hope all goes well for you xx

Complete Lymph Node Clearance

24 Jan 2016 15:32 in response to Sitesi

Hi   May 2015 six weeks after I should have arranged a three yearly mammogram -  my last had been in 2012 I found a lump and two hours later saw my G P.  July 2015 I had a 46mm lump and 25 lymphnodes removed 6 of which were cancerous - I understand from one of the doctors that you can have as many as 40 but 25 is a good number, whatever that means!!  I am now fine despite being 81 years of age.  My major setback was a large infected seroma which delayed radiotherapy for some weeks but I had no skin problems with that and no side effects so far from the anti oestrogen pills.  Take notice of all the advice you are given and follow it to the letter.  I continued the exercises till the end of 2015.  Best wishes for a satisfactory outcome and all the best for the future  

Complete Lymph Node Clearance

25 Jan 2016 11:08 in response to meconopsis

   Hi  Sorry to be a bore but I may have given the wrong impression on my post yeaterday  - the lump was removed by mastectomy.

Complete Lymph Node Clearance

26 Jan 2016 22:28 in response to Sitesi

Thank you for your reply - it was most helpful. I hope that all continues to go well for you. X

Complete Lymph Node Clearance

26 Jan 2016 22:31 in response to meconopsis

Thank you for your kind reply which was most helpful. I am glad that all continues to go well for you. X

Complete Lymph Node Clearance

27 Jan 2016 18:10 in response to Nessemo3

Hi Vanessa, Thank you for your kind thoughts. X

Complete Lymph Node Clearance

29 Jan 2016 12:52 in response to dunanat1

It has been confirmed that I will be having all three levels removed - does this sound right. X