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Complaint about an oncologist.

9 Dec 2020 14:20

My family and I are not happy with my husbands oncologist, he has oesophageal cancer with mets to lymp nodes adrenal glands and some bone mets, he went into the hospital for a blood transfusion, something the oncologist failed to pick up on when he spoke to my husband on the phone, he described to him the fatigue and the fact he was out of breath when dressing, instead of getting him in for a transfusion, he was told to make an appointment for to get his blood checked, so I made an appointment for him, but couldn’t get one for two weeks, in the meantime his condition worsened and I had to phone the nurse, she didn’t like the sound of his symptoms and phoned an ambulance, he needed 4 units of blood and they kept him in and he had a hip op as the cancer was in his bone, they couldn’t let him out as the bone was ready to snap, so while he was there they also adjusted his stent as it was causing him pain. He was in hospital two weeks, on the discharge papers the doctors recommended he have radiotherapy on his femur, and we told the oncologist this when we saw him three weeks later, the hospital suggested two weeks after the hip op. But it never happened, the oncologist told us he would phone my husband in a months time, and he had a chat with me as my husband was sleeping, I explained he was fatigued again and  

all he would say was I’ll phone him in another month, well my husband ended up in hospital again for more blood, and they scanned him and discovered the cancer has now spread into his lung, and he’s no further on to getting any treatment, his chemo finished in August, and we spoke to the oncologist about more chemo, but he’s yet to arrange this, I think his care from his oncologist has been dreadful, all he wants to do is talk to him on the phone. I want to complain and thinking of emailing the  clinical director of the hospital my husband is being treated at. Would this be appropriate. 

Sandra G

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Complaint about an oncologist.

11 Dec 2020 13:45 in response to Conlog

Hello Sandra

I'm sorry to hear about your husband's diagnosis and the issues that you've been having with his care. 

It might be helpful to contact the hospital PALS department as your first point of call. They will be able to offer some advice and support about the best way forwards with your concerns. 

I hope this helps. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator