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Colposcopy referal

8 Apr 2021 05:01

Hi everyone. Literally just joined the group.
Had to go for swabs yesterday, the nurse called the doctor in as something 'didn't look right' it was really red and the also discussed seperate ectropian too. I've now being referred for urgent colposcopy. I had laser loop when I was 20. Regular smears since. I' 44. Obviously being worried. I'm.a carer for my sister who.has a brain tumour and I am  due to get married in 12 weeks. Just hoping I get appointment quick.and find out soon

Colposcopy referal

10 Apr 2021 11:49 in response to Annieb10

Hello Annieb10, 

I just wanted to welcome you to our forum. I can imagine this is really hard for you. Being a carer for your sister who has a brain tumour must be incredibly difficult and I can understand why this would now be playing on your mind. But try not to worry too much. It's good that you have always had regular smears and there is no reason to expect the worst as there are so many reasons that could explain this. It's great they are being thorough and hopefully you won't have to wait too long now for your colposcopy. To give you an idea as to what to expect, there is information on our website on this page on the colposcopy. 

It won't be long hopefully before you have the appointment and your results. Try and keep busy and distracted in the meantime as waiting for results can be extremely stressful. The best thing to do is to avoid looking anything up online while you are waiting as this will never make you feel better and will only increase your anxiety. 

How exciting that you are due to get married in 12 weeks. I hope that the wedding preparations are going well!

Keeping everything crossed for you for good results and that you can put it all behind you soon. 

Best wishes, 

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator