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8 Feb 2018 14:30

hiii guys,

so my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and beat it a couple of months ago, i recently have been going for test and was told they have found abnormal cells and i am due to go for a colposcopy, i havnt told my family as i dont yet know what the outcome will be, really nervouse and worried has anyone else had it?

Re: colposcopy

8 Feb 2018 18:28 in response to sammy12

Hi there ... don't over worry although easier said then done as your probably more aware because of your mum ... although I'm not medical ... I do know there's more results o.k then not... I'm sure your mum would want to know ... or someone close so you can take someone with you ...

My step daughter had abnormal cells and they just check her every 6 months for changes ... that was 6 years ago and they are still o.k now ... try to keep occupied as much as possible. . And don't look at all the what ifs ... you just may be clear ... so fingers crossed for you ... Chrissie xx 

Re: colposcopy

12 Feb 2018 13:27 in response to Chriss

thanks for your reply chrissie,

i decided to tell my aunty and close friend, my friend will be going with me to the appointmenr tomorrow so fingers crossed.

sammy xx


Re: colposcopy

13 Feb 2018 22:16 in response to sammy12

Hi Sammy... hope your appointment went well ... be good to know how you got on ... got my appointment tomorrow so let's hope it's good for both of us .... ❤

Re: colposcopy

14 Feb 2018 02:28 in response to Chriss


Hi Chriss,

Here's hoping that all goes well for you tomorrow.

I go to medical illustration tomorrow for a photo of the moles on my back. The dermatologist will then prioritize my appointment accordingly, once they see this.

Jolamine xx