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Colonoscopy day

10 Jun 2021 09:12

I'm really struggling I was up all night reading stage 4 bowel cancer stories. Bowel prep has made me feels so I'll Sad I just don't think I can do this I've never been so scared 

Colonoscopy day

10 Jun 2021 09:45 in response to Scaredlady

Please let us know how you get on! I am sure that it will be fine, try not to stress, you may find out in a few hours that you are clear and then you can relax! 

i know that it is easier said than done xx

Colonoscopy day

10 Jun 2021 09:52 in response to Scaredlady

I feel for you. 

I was in a similar position; had my colonnoscopy on Tuesday after beign rushed down the emergency pathway. 

I can promise that the prep is the worst part of the procedure. Just be prepared after for some nausea, blood in stool and stomach pains for a couple of days (diarreah, gas) etc. as your body clears itself out. 

The Consultant should give you the results there and then - to put your mind at ease. 

Mine came back all clear. I am wishing you the best of luck. 

Colonoscopy day

10 Jun 2021 11:23 in response to Scaredlady

Sending every good wish to you. Do let us know how you get on.

L x

Colonoscopy day

10 Jun 2021 20:18 in response to LottieL1

Thank you for your well wishes everyone it really means a lot and helped me today. Prep was def worse than the procedure the staff there are so lovely. I opted for gas and air and it was fine. Mild patchy inflammation was found on terminal ileum. Doctor says it might be mild crohns? You were right I feel so much better now I know crohns is not ideal but better than what I had invisioned x

Colonoscopy day

10 Jun 2021 21:41 in response to Scaredlady

Glad it went okay for you. I have mine in the morning. Prep wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Hope I can say the same about the procedure. Crohns isn't ideal but at least you know what is wrong and can get help. I just hope I get answers too. My fit result was over 400 and the doctor said it was alarming but then said it could be a polyp or haemorrhoids. 

Colonoscopy day

10 Jun 2021 21:56 in response to Kirky132

good luck for tomorrow!! imo gas and air is the best option i even started laughing mid procedure felt like i had been to the pub.. i had no bleeding just high calprotine. i think bleeding is more colitis and not bleeding is crohns? but im not a doctor.

Colonoscopy day

11 Jun 2021 08:15 in response to Scaredlady


What was your symptoms for chrohns. Im sceduled for colonoscopy tomorrow afternoon and chrohns is in the family?

Thank you