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Colonoscopy biopsy ADVICE

14 Jul 2019 18:45

so today I had my colonoscopy all went well ..... but concerned the examination didn’t find the polyp that another dr had seen on Tuesday!??? 

They did take 8 biopsy’s .. 6 random and 2 rectum

just wondering how long ppl have waited for their results 

Colonoscopy biopsy ADVICE

14 Jul 2019 19:50 in response to zeduk

Hi Zeduk,

I have plenty of experience in endoscopy so I’ll have a go at answering your question.

with regard to how long you have to wait for your results: this can take at least 2-3 weeks and this can depend on whether or not your referral for your colonoscopy was urgent or routine. Try not to become too concerned even if your referral was urgent. Urgent referrals are made for people who have symptoms that can suggest cancer BUT  the majority of people referred this way don’t have cancer.

You are also concerned about a polyp that one endoscopist saw, but the second endoscopist didn’t. This happens very occasionally and this could be for a number of reasons. Sometimes, a bit of bowel tissue may look like a polyp, but turns out to be normal, healthy bowel tissue when you have a good look.

Sometimes an endoscopist may find a very small polyp that another endoscopist just can’t find because it’s so small. If this was the case it’s highly unlikely to be anything to worry about. There’s some information nation about polyps here.

Best wishes


Colonoscopy biopsy ADVICE

14 Jul 2019 20:23 in response to Rich03

Thanks Rich for your reply 

the waiting is driving me nuts tbh just want to get answers from my symptoms so I can get on with life 

Colonoscopy biopsy ADVICE

14 Jul 2019 22:14 in response to zeduk

Not a problem at all.

I've found during my (relatively short) Nursing career, that even if people are diagnosed with cancer, they feel better for having got some answers.

Waiting for results can be terrifying, so the way you feel is very much normal.

To offer you some reassurance, random biopsies are generally performed when the bowel looks normal but you have symptoms of bowel inflammation.

Hope you get your reults soon.