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Collarbone/neck hollow lumps

7 Mar 2018 12:00

I have an appt this afternoon to see my doctor but my anxiety is rising and i needed to find somewhere to get everything out on 'paper'.


I'm a 32yo woman. About 10 years ago, I discovered 2 small lumps on the left side of my neck down near the collarbone. They seem to be 'fixed' on a tendon (or similar vertical structure), one above the other with less than half CM between them - they can be shifted side to side but not up and down. They were a lumpy very firm consistency (imagine a pea sized ball made of lentils) but fixed size maybe 1/2 or 3/4 centimetre each. The doc was not concerned by them and said they'd fixed like that after some infection or other and just to keep an eye on them. 

November last year I was itching my neck and noticed that the lower one was now about the size of a kidney bean and the upper a large pea (hadn't checked on them in months at least). They are still fixed together vertically but now are smooth and have almost closed the gap between them. They are firm (nor sure on the definition of firm but they aren't sqongy or rock hard, more like rubber but they definitely can't be squished between fingers). I can pinch them to feel the sides but cannot feel round to the back of them. In the past week, I've discovered a third one appearing just to the right of them, not connected to them that I can feel, but fixed on its own vertical, but a bit deeper into the hollow - much smaller but definitely slowly growing (its currently in the lumpy stage the others started at but not as hard as they were).

I've put off going to the doctor since November as I have a sort of 'ignore it and it'll go away' attitude (I have quite bad anxiety and that's how I deal best) but my other half has discovered them and insisted on me making an appointment so now I'm waiting and stressing (yay anxiety).

Just wondering if anyone else had experienced this and there's other obvious causes that I can reassure myself with.


Sorry this was long, and thanks for any answers.


*edited to add* Even if you can't give me alternative causes, any idea of what to expect at my appt would be helpful. 'Bad news' replies/thoughts are also welcome as my anxiety is over the unknown, not the diagosis...

Re: Collarbone/neck hollow lumps

8 Mar 2018 01:07 in response to Scottishbunny

Hi Scottishbunny, or should I say Hoots! 

Welcome to the forum.

I am not a doctor, but I have had a couple of benign skin lumps removed, although this was back in the year 2000, when I was 46.

There are quite a few conditions that cause harmless lumps under the skin, such as lipomas, sebaceous and other forms of cyst, plus more with unpronouncable names.  I had two lumps removed from different places on my arm under local anaesthetic, and the surgeon gave them a long name that I immediately forgot. One of them was squishy, and the other was hard and round, like a 10p coin under the skin. I was left with some scars, but even those have long faded.

Try not to worry; most lumps under the skin are quite harmless. 

Re: Collarbone/neck hollow lumps

8 Mar 2018 12:38 in response to telemando

Hi thanks for replying. The doctor took bloods last night (cbc, thyroid and kidney function she said) and the results were back this morning, with a note to make a face to face appt with my doctor to discuss results. As I have b12 anaemia also,  i have requested a phone appt with a doctor today because i could be waiting 4 weeks to get a face to face and I don't want to stress overt the results if it's something about my b12 that has been flagged. Now to wait again...

*update* spoken to doctor - thyroid and kidney function were good as I expected, CBC (FBC) wasn't back yet but when I told him that I'd had the lumps since at least November and a third had appeared this week and so I was concerned, he got me an appointment for tomorrow morning to discuss next steps (the doctor i saw yesterday was a locum apparently - i was disappointed as she was the first doctor at my surgery who actually seemed to listen to me, the rest have severe patriarchy issues, grrr)

Re: Collarbone/neck hollow lumps

9 Mar 2018 11:18 in response to Scottishbunny

Well bloods cane back within normal ranges for everything, so doctor has ordered chest xrays, ultrasound and biopsies. At least l was taken seriously which was my worst fear, being fobbed off.