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Cold Cap

22 Aug 2019 16:51


I had my first chemo last week and used the cold cap so too early to know if it works for me yet. My hair is really dry and I know it shouldn't be washed more than a couple of times a week. Does anyone know if it would harm my hair if I conditioned it daily and gently washed the conditioner out? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Cold Cap

22 Aug 2019 19:52 in response to SueBea

Hi SueBea

I was always advised to wash my hair no more than once a week and I think the same would apply to conditioning as the hair becomes very fragile during treatment  and even if you use the cold cap you can still get shredding and hair coming  out.

It is best to use paraben free products and a wide tooth comb after washing and you should ideally wash it within a few hours after each chemotherapy  session.

I dont know if a dry leave in conditioner  would be any benefit but it's worth investigating.

I hope everything  is going ok for  you otherwise and sure it will get easier over time.

I always found it beneficial  to take painkillers an hour beforehand  to ward off any headaches that the cold cap can give you.

Remember to take a day at a time.

Cold Cap

22 Aug 2019 20:18 in response to mumof3angels

Hi, thanks for your reply. My hair is already so brittle and the simple shampoo and conditioner doesn't agree with my dry hair at all.

Have you managed to retain much hair? I'm so desperate, I would try anything. I did take paracetamol before hand but would put up with anything if there was a chance to keep my hair.

I hope you're doing ok


Cold Cap

22 Aug 2019 20:34 in response to SueBea

Hi I used Natur Vital shampoo  against hair loss and conditioned just once a week even though it was very hard, I used it just once a week.

I had my hair cut  to shoulder length before my treatment  started and managed  to retain about 60%.

It got very thin at the ends and I had alot of shorter bits underneath  and  still do.

I had to have it cut  a few months after treatment  because of the thin wispy  ends which just didnt look nice.

Its thickening up now but I do miss my long hair and I'm very conscious  of the fact of how it's looking.

I'm ok generally but after a long ten months I'm gearing  myself for the next stage of planning my bilateral  masectomy/ ovary removal.

Trying to keep positive as you must do too x

Cold Cap

22 Aug 2019 20:50 in response to mumof3angels

Hi,  it's been a long road for you but you're doing well. It's reassuring that you retained most of your hair. Its one less thing to worry about. Stay strong, you've done really well so far. It's a hard journey but we'll both get there.


Cold Cap

22 Aug 2019 21:03 in response to SueBea

We will that's the right attitude to have.

I'm constantly  trying  to keep myself busy to distract  myself from what lies ahead.

Am  having just  a few days away  next week now my radiotherapy  has all  finished  but it does  feel strange with mo more appointments for a while after a full on ten months. Take care