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29 Jan 2019 17:03

Just been told my her2 neg changed to chemo it is! Oh and herceptin......

Any wise words from you lovely ladies on how to cope will be most welcome....

thank you xxx


29 Jan 2019 18:36 in response to Marlyn

Hi Marlyn ...

Well my hunny ... you know this cancer rollercoaster is up and down and round ... it seems to keep throwing everyone those curve balls, just when we arnt looking ... I'm sure your feeling more scared now .. you wouldn't be human otherwise .. but you go with whatever your feeling right now .. don't hold it in, then it feels huge and overwhelming... 

It's about having different feelings, but after still getting those boxing gloves on ready for another round've helped so many on here .. now its time to care for you .. I've had a couple of "loosing the plot days" and then getting back up ... you'll never be alone... as you know there's the most amazing bunch of people on here .. so whatever you feel , it's o.k we know ...

Big hug brave lady ... Chrissie xx


29 Jan 2019 18:44 in response to Chriss

Thank you for your lovely reply. I really wasn't expecting feels like a sucker punch....will know more next wed at oncologist appointment.....I just thank god for this forum and ladies like you...xxxx





29 Jan 2019 22:29 in response to Marlyn

Oh Marlyn I am shocked to read your post. It must have thrown you. I can only say that I am thinking of you and sending virtual hugs. This disease stinks. Keep posting on here and getting all our support. 

C x


18 Apr 2019 20:52 in response to Marlyn

I have found out I am her2 positive today. I feel a bit lost and like it’s a game changer for my prognosis? I was told no chemo and now it’s going to be the full works.

Any words of wisdom or tips? 

They seem to be planning to do my mastectomy first( May 7th)  then chemo starts 6 weeks after. I thought that with her2 time was of the essence?! I’ve already been diagnosed a month xx


19 Apr 2019 08:31 in response to Pepesmama

I totally know what your going through, there I was happily skipping along thinking no then be told chemo!!! What a sucker punch...

They know what they're doing, if you needed to be in earlier you would be, what grade is it? I was grade 2 invasive and mucinous....but I'm just greedy! 


Years ago her2 pos wasn't ideal but now after much research it's shot up in the success rates, will you be on herceptin too? 

Just take each thing as it comes, don't be fretting about chemo yet, you have plenty of time for that...

Get the surgery done with first, stock up on soft non wire bras....m and s have a good range. Will be staying in over night? Will you have a drain? 

Dont allow your mind to go racing ahead, it's the only way I coped and cope now...I only deal with the here and now...I look in my diary and see what appointments are coming up in that week....then I cross them off as I go....


you will be absolutely fine...I promise you, I'm always popping in and out of the forum...and in fact had chemo 4 yesterday and here I am on here proving life does on even though we thought it was ending...

we got this girlie xxx


28 Apr 2019 20:50 in response to Marlyn

Hi @Marlyn ‍ 

Thank you so Much for coming back to me Happy the initial lump their biopsied they said was grade 2.. my mri showed quite a bit more cancer ( which is why I am now having a mastectomy not a lumpectomy which was the initial plan) and they’ve not said what grade that is. I don’t know about my nodes until I have surgery... 

I don’t know the full details of the surgery yet... I have a pre op meeting on weds this week.. I Imagine I will be in at least a night as I think i am having immediate reconstruction... and yes I’ll have drains.

Ive not actually seen an oncologist yet.. I’ve only got the info the cancer nurse gave me and she said 6 cycles of chemo and herceptin for a year. I am guessing that is the standard?!

How are you doing with the chemo? .  4 cycles down !! Amazing.. you are so strong.. I told them I’m not having it at my last meeting as I am so scared of the side effects. I realise it was a really childish reaction!! I don’t know how you do it.. 

lots of love 

Em xx



28 Apr 2019 21:30 in response to Pepesmama

You will be surprised what your capable of, if someone had told me last year that all this was going to happen to me I wouldn't have believed how I would have coped....but when faced with it all you really have no other choice but to crack on, don't get me wrong, I've thrown the odd diva tantrum over it but you just have to soldier on..

The chemo is no walk in the park but it is doable....I have friends who are sailing through it! You may be one of them....I didn't read up on the side effects....I waited for them....and on the whole it's all manageable....I