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Chemo to start on wed. What should I expecy

17 Sep 2020 19:43

Hi.  First time posting. I was diagnosed with a 15mm  invasive ducal caricoma with lymph node measuring 21mm  which was  classed  as a caricoma also. 

I had WLI  ON THE 4 AUG. , 

I was offered the  trial but turned it down as  family history of aunt mother and sister  all having breast cancer  made me feel I had to go way of chemo for my mental state

  I am to have 6 rounds , 3 of  EF and 3 of d.  Then to have 19 rounds of radiation and then tamoxifen. 

I'm just wondering what to expect as in side effects? I know sickness and hair loss which I'm OK either but heat other ones are there? I'm a bit worried as I also have copd and   wonder if I should  put myself into shielding again  just time be  safe from infections. Xx


Chemo to start on wed. What should I expecy

20 Sep 2020 20:34

Thanks for the reply. Lorraine.  I eill take ur advice. I had heard about losing the sense of taste and smell  from my sister so I've loaded up with plain old soups and puffins. Hopefully they will be OK to have.  Just waiting on the bone scan I had as my alkaline phosphate came in high which got the oncology doc to refer me for the scan. Hope it is  clear as I have been having some pain in left shoulder and spine which I had mentioned when having the biopsy way back in July.      However if it is bad news then I'm getting the proper treatment anyway.   Just wanting to get started now. Lol do my part. X