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Chemo delay

14 Nov 2019 22:15

Hi, can anyone explain to me why my sister keeps being told that she's too ill to start chemo? I understand that it has many side effects but surely since she is so ill already it's imperative that she receives treatment quickly? 

Chemo delay

15 Nov 2019 09:32 in response to L7


Have your sisters care team explained what they mean when they say she is too ill? Chemo has many side effects and the teams primary focus will be to ensure that your sister can cope with the treatment. Chemo can be delayed for numerous reasons, mine was delayed as I needed to recover from another operation first.  I guess what I'm saying is trust the care team they will be doing it for the right reasons, but maybe ask them to explain what the reasons are. 


Chemo delay

15 Nov 2019 11:17 in response to L7

Hello and thanks for posting,

I am sorry to hear about your sister's situation.

Unfortunately, there can be many reasons why someone is not well enough to have chemotherapy. These can include, a low normal blood count, or altered blood chemistry (such as altered levels of sodium, potassium etc). Sometimes, instead of, or well as, there may be issues with heart, lung, kidney, or liver function. 

So, giving a taxing chemotherapy in certain situations, can be potentially dangerous, and cause life threatening complications.

I hope that this explains things a little, and that you get to find out more soon.

Kind regards,