Changes in the way we contact you

23 Aug 2017 10:13

In July 2017 Cancer Research UK moved to an ‘opt in’ only policy. This means that nobody will be contacted by the charity without your permission.

Cancer Chat currently send you notifications when someone replies to a post or thread you are following or if you receive a friend request or private message. You can manage how and when you receive these notifications yourself by going to your account settings. To update or change these settings please refer to our Help Guide.
In addition you can now choose to opt in or out of receiving occasional news and updates from Cancer Chat. In accordance with our Privacy Policy, Cancer Chat will not share your email address with anyone else and by opting in, you will only hear from us when we have news or updates which are relevant to the Cancer Chat community. This also means that if you no longer use the forum we can make sure that we don’t bother you in the future unless you have specifically opted to hear from us.

Anyone joining the forum on or after 9th May 2017 would have been given the choice of opting in when they registered. If you registered before that date you will need to opt in manually. You can of course opt out at any time. 
If you have any questions or need further help in setting your preferences, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.