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Cervical cancer symptoms

2 May 2021 16:47


I've been recently suffering symptoms of cervical cancer. They have been frequent bloating,watery and smelly discharge, pelvic pain, dull ache in my back and tops of my legs. I've even had very smelly discharge from my belly button. I've been eating but not able to eat a full meal due to feeling very full quickly. I've actually been really fatigued and tired. Basically I feel like I've constantly have my period. My period is always every 4 weeks and very very light which only last 2 days. I went to my dr and she has done a ca125 blood test, swabs and a pelvic examination. I'm still waiting on results as this was done late on Thursday. My dr told me my cervix was very tight and asked If I've had trouble to conceive in the past as well as see being painful. She also had trouble seeing my ovaries. She said once my results come back from my bloods and swabs we'll then take the next steps. I'm so scared as there's been various things happened to the women in my mums side of the family. My gran died from womb cancer and my aunt and cousin have both had abnormal cells and struggled to carry pregnancy full term. My sister also had very bad endo which ended up with her having cysts on her ovaries and having to have a full hysterectomy plus her womb hadn't developed properly. Sorry for the long post. I hope I haven't bored anyone too much.

Cervical cancer symptoms

4 May 2021 15:14 in response to Ducky80

Hello Ducky and welcome to the forum.

I'm sorry about the symptoms you've been contending with. It sounds like it's been a challenging time and it's understandable why you're worried but fingers crossed the results of your bloods and swabs will bring good news when they come through.

Hopefully you'll receive some support from some of our members who have been in a similar situation soon but I hope this information will help until you find out more.

Kind regards,

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

Cervical cancer symptoms

5 Jun 2021 10:45 in response to Ducky80

Hiya! I was just wondering how you got on? I hope everything is ok? 

I've also been having symptoms and have bloods on Thursday with results Friday. X

Cervical cancer symptoms

6 Jun 2021 12:45 in response to Lisa00

Hey Lisa

Yeah my ca125 came back raised so my gp referred me on the 2 week pathway to see the gynecologist and for a pelvic ultrasound. My us came back clear so the gynecologist was quite firm in saying its my bowels. Which it most certainly isn't. He referred me back to my gp. This is the same gynecologist who my sister had 3 years ago and he tried to tell her that she hadn't had one of her ovaries removed 10 years ago. She actually had to go to her gp and request her notes just so she could show him that she actually did have it removed. So I basically felt he didn't want to listen to me and dismissed me instantly. My gp isn't convinced either that its my bowels so she's referred me back for a 2nd opinion and to have an mri. So I'm basically still at square one. I hope you're alright and your bloods come back ok x 

Cervical cancer symptoms

6 Jun 2021 13:10 in response to Ducky80

Hey thanks for the reply! Sorry to hear that you've been unlucky with the gnecologist they don't sound great. Glad that your doctor is still helping you push for answers. Do you know how long you have to wait for the second opinion? Try not to worry too much whilst waiting I know that's easier said than done. I have spoke to two different doctors, one who didn't seem too concerned and almost fobbed me off - didn't even book my the follow up for my bloods and the other who was really kind and booked me in. Seems like you get one or the other! xx

Cervical cancer symptoms

6 Jun 2021 13:26 in response to Lisa00


I've been waiting nearly 2 weeks now for the follow up but still no word. I'm gonna leave it till later this week and phone. I don't want to be a pest as I know the NHS is extremely busy with catching up with appointments. But I know something isn't right with my body and my symptoms aren't getting any better. Yeah you're right about doctors. I've seen it so much over the years with family being fobbed off then ending up seriously ill. I'm so lucky my gp is so understanding and helpful x 

Cervical cancer symptoms

6 Jun 2021 14:36 in response to Ducky80

Hopefully you hear before th end of the week, fingers crossed for you. This was my worry, I've waited 2 weeks just for the bloods, then who knows how much longer I'll be waiting after Friday. I had a super long period, along with bleeding after intercourse and since last week weird back ache. As if my period is coming. I also have a swollen lymph node in my groin I just feel like there is so much going on... I once had a lump in my breast and I was referred and seen within the two weeks and had my results same day..this just seems soooo much longer! And less urgent in their eyes! xxx

Cervical cancer symptoms

6 Jun 2021 14:58 in response to Lisa00

Yeah when you are so worried about your health it just seems so much longer to wait. I've never had heavy periods or long ones but recently they've got longer and heavier. I live in Scotland and when I went to see my gp about my symptoms she actually done my pelvic examination and blood tests then and there. Do you know if its a gp or nurse doing your bloods this week. You should phone and ask if you can have a pelvic examination while you are there. Just explain that you know your own body and you know this isn't right. I hope you get someone understanding as this always helps x 

Cervical cancer symptoms

6 Jun 2021 20:09 in response to Ducky80

That's great they did it there and then! It's the nurse doing the bloods, GP doesn't do them at our surgery. The GP I saw was the awful one, I spoke to the lovely GP on the phone a few days later and he said then that I should have had an examination so depending what happens with the blood results he may well invite me in for one anyway. Just not sure why they didn't do that also. I'm hopeful that as they'll have the results Thursday night and I'm booked in for a telephone call with the GP Friday morning that they'll either invite me in Friday to examine me or refer me as urgent. I've read lots that bloods don't give answers to if you have cervical cancer anyway and ladies have needed to be referred so it's just a long waiting game I guess xx

Cervical cancer symptoms

6 Jun 2021 20:44 in response to Lisa00

Hopefully you get some sort of answers by then. Please let me know how you get on. As you said earlier its hard not to worry. I've tried to keep myself busy as when I'm not doing anything my mind works overtime x 

Cervical cancer symptoms

6 Jun 2021 20:48 in response to Ducky80

Thank you I will do Happy and you, hoping you'll hear from them sooner rather than later. I have 3 little ones so this last week has gone super quick with half term and has definitely taken my mind off it slightly xx

Cervical cancer symptoms

10 Jun 2021 10:14 in response to Ducky80

Hey how are you getting on? Have you got any further forward? 

My doctors cancelled my bloods today due to staff sickness so waiting until Monday. Literally just doubled my anxiety as I was ready to make a plan tomorrow and get to the bottom of it xx

Cervical cancer symptoms

10 Jun 2021 17:25 in response to Lisa00

Hey Lisa

That totally sucks. As if you aren't stressed enough already. I actually received an appointment today to go for a ct scan on my pelvis and abdomen on June 21st. Also I have another appointment for my gp next Thursday as I've been really ill this week with a heavy period. Thanks for asking x 

Cervical cancer symptoms

14 Jun 2021 20:26 in response to Lisa00

Hi Lisa

I was just wondering how you got on today x 

Cervical cancer symptoms

14 Jun 2021 20:28 in response to Ducky80

Heya. Thanks for asking. Bloods all done, so will await the call tomorrow. I did speak to the nurse but she said any examinations will be done by the doctor so I will have to wait and see what they say. 

Is it your GP app this Thursday? How have you been feeling? Better I hope xxx