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Cervical Cancer

8 Feb 2018 11:12

Hi everyone, my mom has just received results from a biopsy confirming that she has cervical cancer. She has previously been diagnosed with degenerative disk disease and I'm worried now that the symptoms might be linked. It is hard to tell as she takes NSAIDs for her back pain but upon doing research I've discovered that symptoms for advanced cervical cancer are very similar. Feeling very shaken up and just wondering how treatable cervical cancer generally is and if I can allow myself to have a positive outlook.

Re: Cervical Cancer

8 Feb 2018 21:43 in response to Kc3

Hi Kc3. Welcome to the forum, although I'm sure you wish the circumstances were different and you didn't have to be here at all. 

I should start by saying that apart from the nurses we're not medically qualified here. I am not a doctor.

There are too many imponderables to be able to venture an opinion on whether there's a link between your mum's disc disease and her recent diagnosis.  Even if we were qualified, it would require access to her medical notes, blood tests, etc, etc. That question really is something you need to ask her GP or consultant.

The outlook for cervical cancer, like so many other cancers, depends on how early it's been caught. Like most other cancers, catching it early makes it a lot easier to cure.  Like most other cancers, cervical cancer is split into four stages, 1 to 4, with 1 being the earliest and 4 being the most advanced. Each stage is subdivided into sub-stages, called A and B, with B being more advanced than A.  The US also has a stage 0, which is a very early (or possibly pre-cancerous) stage. 

I don't know if you have a staging for your mum's cancer. If not, then it will probably be high on the list of the medical team's priorities. Once that is known, you will have a clearer idea of what's going on.

Unfortunately, much of the cancer experience consists of waiting to have a test (or tests), then waiting for the results, then waiting for more tests, then waiting for those results, and so on.  This can be highly anxiety producing, and most people on this forum hate/dread/fear waiting for results.  From experience, we've found that Googling symptoms is frightening, counter-productive, and completely unhelpful. We've all done it from time to time, but Dr Google really isn't a good doctor and ideally should be struck-off for incompetence.  There are some of us who find mindul meditation helpful for handling anxiety, and there are a number of good videos on YouTube.

Meanwhile, we're always here if you want to chat, talk, or even rant about how horrible it all is.