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CBD Oil as treatment

18 Oct 2019 10:01

I was told yesterday the devastating news that my cancer had come back in the Lymph nodes and had spread to 3 different sites. The treatment was chemotherapy only. The cancer would never go, but the chemo would control and hopefully maintain that it be contained.

My question is would CBD oil help to eradicate the cancer?

CBD Oil as treatment

18 Oct 2019 10:11 in response to Laradog1

Hi lara cbd is mainly a pain killer not much else, you can live with cancer, i was diagnosed in Feb 2016 prostate cancer gone to lymph nodes, spine, ribs, pelvis and a lung, main thing I've had is cemotheropy it's not curable you just live with it an uninvited guest who won't leave I've lived a normal life had to retire to look after my disabled wife she needs 24 /7care,, but life is as normal as can be. Best wishes... Billy