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Cancer Research Ride

10 Jun 2019 21:13

Twelve months ago, I was diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer, and after surgery and extensive chemotherapy am now in remission. I now want to help reduce these numbers and improve outcomes for the unlucky half. This Friday, 14 June, I will be cycling from London to Amsterdam in 24 hours to raise money for cancer research.

I’m also calling for anyone—on any bike, anywhere—to cycle for cancer research. Whether cycling to work, hopping on a stationary bike, or unicycle, join the cancer research ride this Friday. Spread the word with and #cancerresearchride

This will be a major challenge and milestone for me. I’m still recovering from the side effects of treatment, such as lung damage, and nerve damage in my hands and feet. It is still painful to walk. To potentially give hope to current patients and their supporters: I am tremendously fortunate to have gotten through cancer, and overcoming this adversity is helping me unlock my inner potential, both mentally and physically: before cancer I'd never cycled more than the eight miles to work. I wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for cancer research, and hope through this effort to help further the urgently needed research efforts for all cancers.

Cancer Research Ride

12 Jun 2019 21:20 in response to CancerResearchRide

Hi Cristian, 

Thanks for sharing your story with us. I'm so pleased to hear that you're recovering and setting yourself new personal challenges along the way. 

Unfortunatley I won't be able to "join the ride" on Friday but I promise to be cheering you from behind my desk and the dog and I will certainly put a bit more oomph behind our morning jog to support you in spirit. 

I'll keep my eyes open on social media for #cancerresearchride and hope to see some photos of you at the finish line. 

Pop back and let us know how your adventure went once you're home and recovered! 

Good luck from all of here at Cancer Chat! 

Cancer Chat moderator