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Re: Cancer Research Projects - Are We on the Wrong Track?

16 Dec 2013 23:12 in response to wardy

Hi Wardy,

When was your last post in this forum?

The most recent I can see is dated 22nd Oct but I'm sure you posted at least one message on here since then.



Re: Cancer Research Projects - Are We on the Wrong Track?

17 Dec 2013 04:06 in response to davek

Hi Davek and Lorraine.

I posted 16 Dec 02:27am in response to Yasser and gave my opinion on where the future main focus of funding and research should go. I managed to access my inbox to my mail account and there was one warning in there but for an older post. I did post three links but they were all to current trials into synthetic and/or plant derived cannabinoids and brain cancer by GW Pharma and E Therapeutics. I think the post must of vanished into the mysts of time lol, cant remember the wording of my longer post but it was essentially saying I think much more budget spend for research should be focused on the endocannabinoid system which has shown broad spectrum cancer fighting ability since 1975. Here are some links to information on two trials which are heading in this direction.

E Therapeutic are studying a drug, code named as ETS2101 (dexanabinol) which is described as a Small molecule chemotherapeutic synthetic cannabinoid for the treatment of Gliomas and other cancers. GW Pharma are studying a thc and cbd, natural plant extracts taken directly from their cannabis plant farm in Kent for the treatment of Gliomas.

"This study follows several years of pre-clinical research conducted by GW in the field of glioma which has demonstrated that cannabinoids inhibit the viability of glioma cells both in vitro and in vivoi,ii via apoptosis or programmed cell death, may also affect angiogenesis, and have demonstrated tumor growth-inhibiting action and an improvement in the therapeutic efficacy of temozolomide1, a standard treatment for glioma. In addition, GW has shown tumor response to be positively associated with tissue levels of cannabinoids. GW has identified the putative mechanism of action for our cannabinoid product candidate, where autophagy and programmed cell death are stimulated via stimulation of the TRB3 pathway.

¿We are very excited about moving this compound into further human study and the prospects of cannabinoids as new anti-cancer treatments. This is GW¿s first clinical study of cannabinoids as a potential treatment to inhibit tumor growth,¿ stated Dr. Stephen Wright, Director of Research and Development at GW. ¿We believe this clinical program demonstrates the flexibility and broad application of GW¿s cannabinoid platform to treat significant, unmet therapeutic needs.¿

This study is a 20-patient, multicentre, two part study with an open-label phase to assess safety and tolerability of GW cannabinoids in combination with temozolomide, and a double blind, randomised, placebo-controlled phase with patients randomised to active or placebo, and with a primary outcome measure of 6 month progression free survival. The study objective is to assess the tolerability, safety and pharmacodynamics of a mixture of two principal cannabinoids, THC and CBD in a 1:1 allocation ratio, in combination with temozolomide in patients with recurrent GBM. Secondary endpoints include additional pharmacokinetic and biomarker analyses and additional measurable outcomes of tumor response."

Re: Cancer Research Projects - Are We on the Wrong Track?

17 Dec 2013 10:13 in response to wardy

So why has this been moved? Is this political correctness at it's worse?



Re: Cancer Research Projects - Are We on the Wrong Track?

17 Dec 2013 11:21 in response to Annabel

Hi Annabel, the thread is definitely still here bit we've had some technical issues the last couple of days so please bear with us.


Re: Cancer Research Projects - Are We on the Wrong Track?

17 Dec 2013 11:29 in response to Moderator Sarah

Thanks for the clarification, Sarah.

Re: Cancer Research Projects - Are We on the Wrong Track?

17 Dec 2013 13:21 in response to Moderator Sarah

yes Sarah, had noticed and commented that some odd things were going on. Thanks for letting us know.