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Cancer payment

14 Jan 2020 16:12

If you are on the sick from work and receive sick pay are you still entitled to a cancer payment

Cancer payment

14 Jan 2020 16:59 in response to Jed65

The cancer payment from the DLA has nothing to do with how much you are earning or have in savings, it's a payment to help you deal with the cost of having cancer.  Our McMillan nurse sorted ours out, talk to them.  Carol 

Cancer payment

15 Jan 2020 08:06 in response to Dor06

Hi Carol I've been asking around not many know about the payment so thought I'd reply to send back to start. Love Billy xxx 

Cancer payment

16 Jan 2020 08:49 in response to Billygoatt

HI, what is the cancer payment please?

Cancer payment

16 Jan 2020 09:49 in response to Parkie85

Hi parkie were only just figuring it out, it's a payment from the government to people with cancer, it usto be done through the DLA i understand that macmillan can help to sort it out. Good luck....... Billy 

Cancer payment

16 Jan 2020 10:35 in response to Parkie85

Hi parkie

I get Personal Indepedence Payment (PIP) which I believe has replaced Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

The payment is between £23 and £149 per week. You can find more information online at

I am still working full time and didn't realise I would be entitled to this. I would suggest giving Macmillan a call as they completed the application on my behalf and provided all the relevant medical information. They can also give advice on other financial support you may be entitled to.



Cancer payment

16 Jan 2020 11:26 in response to GeorginaB

Good Morning,

This is all new to me, could you advise the telephone number please in order that I can start the process of applying for PIP.


Many Thanks

Cancer payment

16 Jan 2020 16:16 in response to JGY

The Macmillan number is 0808 808 00 00 and they are open 8am-8pm.


Cancer payment

16 Jan 2020 17:19 in response to GeorginaB

Thanks Georgina,

i phoned them directly, gave them all my details etc, they are sending me some forms to complete & return.

i will let you know what the outcome is.

thanks for your response



Cancer payment

16 Jan 2020 17:47 in response to JGY

If you get stuck yiur cancer nurse will help, we've just done ours and she filled in all the important information and we did the rest. 

Cancer payment

16 Jan 2020 17:48 in response to Dor06

Unfortunately I can’t remember who my cancer nurse is ?