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Can you believe this?

2 Jun 2015 13:26

Having lost my husband some 5 months ago and having supplied death certificate to a certain company regarding his pension, they have now asked for proof that he was born!  The grieving mind is truly boggled.Jules

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2 Jun 2015 14:13 in response to jules54


Oh Jules - how ridiculous.  Nothing more that I can say, Im kind of speechless! x

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2 Jun 2015 14:37 in response to max56

Thankfully Max, I have my late Dad's sense of humour to keep me going through life's mysteriesWink but it does take 'RED TAPE' to a whole new level. Regards  Jules x

Re: Can you believe this?

2 Jun 2015 16:00 in response to jules54

Oh Jules,

Dont these companies realize that things like this can be very upsetting to someone who is still grieving. It amazes me how heartless some companies can be.

Best wishes, Brian.

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2 Jun 2015 16:32 in response to woodworm

Thanks for replying Brian.  I have to be grateful that this request came by post as I am not sure what I would have said if they had telephoned - perhaps best left to your imagination!!!  Best regards Jules x

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2 Jun 2015 16:41 in response to jules54

Jules, I'm sorry this has happened to you at this time. This kind of thing takes stupidity to a whole new level for sure. Nothing surprises me any more about these agencies/companies having the audacity to request such a thing. I see it happening all the time and there is absolutely no common sense used when conducting their business. Government agencies are the worst at a time like this and really, what choice do we have, but to coowtow to their demands.

Take care.


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2 Jun 2015 17:04 in response to LorraineD

Bless you Lorraine.  You are so right when you say there is no alternative other than to do as they ask.  I was sorely tempted to send a sarcastic covering letter but did not want to lower myself to their level,  Anyway birth certificate in the post, along with mine to prove I exist (could I make a 'sit com' out of this). Am truly thankful that I am apparently of sound mind and know what I am doing.  This was a deferred pension from a large company that hubby worked for many moons ago and they had  been contacted by the solicitor dealing on my behalf with Probate/Administration and are apparently 'considering' the pension I am due.

Grieving is made all the harder when you feel guilty about 'inheriting' a pension that hubby should have been able to enjoy.

Hope you having a peaceful day. Sending a hug. Jules x

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2 Jun 2015 17:58 in response to jules54

Hi jules Yes I can believe it as I had to do the same after my Dad died so Mum could claim his pension. The worst was when I phoned the phone company asking them to change the name on the bill as Mr A had passed away. The idiot on the other end said that they would not be able to change the name without speaking to the account holder. Just in case he had misheard me I explained again Mr A the account holder has passed away and I wanted to change the account to Mrs B his widow. He repeated that he needed to speak to the account holder. I asked if they had a medium working for them as that was the only way of contacting Mr A at which point he took the huff and passed me on to a supervisor who came on ready to deal with a difficult customer . She was rather abrupt at first until I explained again then it was all apologies.

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2 Jun 2015 18:10 in response to river56

Thanks for responding River.  I have a feeling there are many more idiotic examples out there and perhaps I should have posted this in the 'laughter is the best medicine' section because you like to think they are 'joking' but in all seriousness its hard to excuse such moronic behaviour.  Strangly I had no problems changing name on utilities (though Broadband supplier still cannot understand why I do not know the password for WiFi (hubby set it up and did not share!!). Eventually I will switch companies but cannot face it just now.

Hope  you ok and looking after yourself.  Regards Jules x

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3 Jun 2015 00:00 in response to jules54

Oh Jules! You really couldn't make this stuff up! Presumably they received payments from him towards his pension? Daft as this may sound, this probably has its roots in anti money-laundering legislation. I remember being behind an old lady at the bank who was going ballistic because she'd been banking in the same branch for over 50 years, knew all the staff by name and, due to new rules, was being asked to provide a copy of either her birth certificate or passport because she was making a deposit in cash after selling her car!  

Dave x
ps this made Max speechless - so at least some good has come out of it Silly



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3 Jun 2015 00:23 in response to davek


Cheeky!   It didnt last long, normal speechfulness has now been resumed lol x

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3 Jun 2015 06:23 in response to davek

Thanks for your reply Dave.  Yes hubby paid into this pension for over 25 years before his part of the orgnisation was sold off and he then moved to next employment. I have no doubt there will be many similar 'silly stories' out there. Perhaps I am more surprised, as I think about it. that they have not requested proof that we were married - perhaps I should not tempt fateLaugh.

Still, as Max shows, a sense of humour helps. 

Hope you keeping ok and send best wishes  your way.  Jules x

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3 Jun 2015 11:38 in response to jules54

I'm good thanks!
Just about to post something humorous too!