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Can yoga help fight fatigue?

12 Jun 2017 14:32

There seem to have been lots of headlines in the news lately about the positive impact that exercise can bring, especially when it comes to reducing cancer’s side effects.

The Mirror recently featured a study on how yoga can help cancer patients sleep better and, as a result, experience less fatigue.

Our very own Nurse Jean commented on this story:

“Fatigue is a problem for many cancer survivors and it can be difficult to know how best to help because it affects people differently and there are few really effective things people can do. Research like this is important and may help health professionals assist survivors and improve their quality of life.”

We often see people chatting here on the forum about just how tired treatment has made them, and sharing tips on how to cope.

Have you tried yoga, or another gentle form of exercise, to help combat fatigue? We’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on this!


Cancer Chat Moderator

Re: Can yoga help fight fatigue?

6 Dec 2017 17:16 in response to Moderator Helen

For me yes! 

I do it and works a lot for fatigue and helps relive my pain.

Re: Can yoga help fight fatigue?

7 Dec 2017 13:41 in response to ars36

That's great to hear, ars36! Is it something you do at home, or at a class? 

I'm glad it's helping to ease the fatigue and pain Happy

Cancer Chat moderator

Re: Can yoga help fight fatigue?

7 Dec 2017 17:02 in response to Moderator Helen

I have just been diagnosed for the third time now with mets. I have always continued to exercise throughout all my treatments both weight training and kundalini yoga. I have found it helps to reduce the side effects and improve my mood. I am still continuing now, due to start more chemo next week and the gym and Yoga are in my plan. 

Re: Can yoga help fight fatigue?

7 Dec 2017 18:59 in response to Moderator Helen

Hello Helen

My name is Helen too.  I have recently been discharged from hospital following treatment for breast cancer.  I do Yoga 3 times a week and I can positively say it really has helped my beat the fatigue. Its also given me energy to do lots of walking and the two together combine to give me much better sleep and more energy through the day.  Plus its something on the calendar thats not a ‘treatment’ If you can find a class and give it a go for a few sessions Im sure you will find it beneficial.  

Good Luck.


Re: Can yoga help fight fatigue?

7 Dec 2017 21:55 in response to Moderator Helen

Hi Helen, 

Now in Manchester I've been doing at home, everyday. 

I used to do it in class, did it for several years. 

I'm thinking of starting some classes here. It helps me a lot, to get mentally stronger and to keep my mobility. 


Re: Can yoga help fight fatigue?

7 Dec 2017 21:56 in response to NEWalker

Hello NeWalker,

That's exactly what I think! Keep on going!! Hope you get well!! 

Much love


Re: Can yoga help fight fatigue?

7 Dec 2017 21:59 in response to Nanny22

Hi Nanny22!

Thank you for your answer! 

That's great!! I feel the same actually. I've been doing everyday and helps me a lot, specially with my mobility. 

So let's keep on this path. Our fights are not peace of cake, but some how we find a way to manage.

Keep strong.

Much love,


Re: Can yoga help fight fatigue?

7 Dec 2017 22:13 in response to ars36
Thank you, training to be a kundalini yoga teacher as I feel so strongly about it’s power x