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Can moderate (high grade) dyskaryosis recover by itself??

28 May 2015 20:54

Hi everyone.

I have recently had my smear test done with results showing abnormal, high grade dyskaryosis.

Within a week I got my appoitment at colposcopy clinic. I found out there that it is moderate dyskaryosis.

After colposcopy done ( no biopsy taken) nurse told me there is very small abnormal area and I can have it removed (by LLETZ )

The way she explain me that I got feeling as it is not really necessary for me to have a treatment.

 I am just wondering has anyone have same results as me and decided not to go for treatment and experience having it cured by itself ??

Another thing I want to say to all who received High grade dyskaryosis results and are living in a fear --> dont panic !!!

I went through hell when i opened the envelope with my results, My legs and hands went numb and as I was at home alone I start to panic that no one is going to help me if I will colapsed in a minut... From that day I spend hours looking for more information on internet, couldnt eat, couldnt sleep, did not even go to work the next day. It was hell. Everyone was trying to convince me that everything is going to be all right but I couldnt stop thinking I could have a cancer. Especially that the letter from colposcopy clinic was written only 2 days after I received my results. I panic even more thinkin that my case must be urgent.Hours before my appoitment I was all sick.

After all it was nothing like NHS leaflets says. I have no burning or sting sensation, no biopsy taken, and no needed friend by my side !! The whole procedure took about 2 - 3 minuts only !! Not 15 as leaflets would suggest ! The nurse then explained me I have very small change which I can have removed. So must decide now what to do... Has anyone had similar experience and recover by itself??


Re: Can moderate (high grade) dyskaryosis recover by itself??

2 Jun 2015 15:59 in response to Lola30

Hello Lola,

Thank you for posting a question and also for letting the other forum users know how you felt when you had an abnormal smear test result. This sort of information can be very supportive for other forum users.  Information from people who are going through it can be invaluable in helping people cope.

To answer your question about whether moderate or severe cervical cell changes (high grade dyskaryosis) can get better without treatment the answer is sometimes.  But it is important to remember that the abnormal cell changes can also become worse and progress usually over a long periodof time (in rare cases it can be quicker) to an invasive cervical cancer. As it is not possible to decide who will get better (regress back to normal) and who will develop cancer it is essential that these abnormal cell are either removed or monitored very closely.

I am unsure what has been recommended in your individual case, but most women with moderately abnormal cervical cells will be offered treatment. Younger women (25 and under) with mild or moderately abnormal cells are more likely to be offered a watch and wait approach. This is because abnormal changes are more likely to regress back to normal in younger women as their immune system is better. Older women can request a watch and wait approach and have treatment if the situation gets worse or does not clear up. But this is not suitable for everyone. So you need to discuss your individual circumstances with the team who are looking after you. They can help you decide what is best for you.

As I said previously if after discussing things with your colposcopy team you are offered watch and wait, please make sure that you attend for follow up as recommended.  Your best protection against cervical cancer is regular smear tests, attending the colposcopy department when necessary and having treatment if it is needed.

I hope that this reply is helpful. If you have any other questions please do get back to us. If you would like to telephone our freephone number is 0808 800 4040. We are here from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 5pm.

Kind regards,


Re: Can moderate (high grade) dyskaryosis recover by itself??

3 Jun 2015 09:37 in response to Lola30

hi i had my smear test results back as high grade dyskaryosis so went for a colposcopy they took 2 biopsies which came back as moderate wheb i went back they said as im only 24 that i dont need to have thw treatment as it should go back to normal but i decided to have the lletz treatment done as i would rather have the treatment and get rid of any abnormalities there rather than waiting 6 months as i was worried it would get worse so i believe i am in a similar situation. i had a very long think about having the treatment i would say it is entirely up to you at the end of the day i will say the treatment is nothing to worry about it lasted about a minute didnt feel a thing apart from the local anesthesia sting but that was all i hope iv helped a little if you need to ask any questions just ask Happy  

Re: Can moderate (high grade) dyskaryosis recover by itself??

17 Jun 2015 11:30 in response to Lola30

Thank you for your answer and your time. I have ready all in and out about these kind of changes and I am aware what can happen if I dont go for treatment. I have spoken yesterday to the nurse who did my colposcopy examination, she recommended that for my safety I should have this removed asap. Why I still didnt decide to do that? I am so scared from the procedure, I hate needles and imagine myself fainting during procedure. Other thing is I dont really have anyone here to go to hospital with me and support me and look after me after treatment. My boyfriend doesnt speak to me  as for him the biggest problem now is that I am refusing to have sex. Its just not where my mind is now.

I really dont know what to do. Thinking of it every day and night taking life out of me.

Re: Can moderate (high grade) dyskaryosis recover by itself??

17 Jun 2015 11:36 in response to kimbob1990

Hello, thank you for your answer and your time. I admire you and wish I was so brave. The whole problem with me is that I am so scared to have this procedure done and when I am thinkin of needle going inside my cervix I am just shakin.

I dont know how to deal with this fear. Deep down I want to have it done and out of my way but at same time cant imagine myself going through this ... Sad

Re: Can moderate (high grade) dyskaryosis recover by itself??

18 Jun 2015 10:03 in response to Lola30

I completely understand how you feel Lola, I was astonished & terrified when I discovered they proposed to use a needle to give the local anaesthetic, so much so that they had to stop the procedure.

You can opt to have it done under sedation or general anaesthetic, so talk to your colposcopy nurse about your fears and ask about these options. 

Re: Can moderate (high grade) dyskaryosis recover by itself??

21 Jun 2015 12:27 in response to CRUK Nurse Jean

Hello and thank you for your answer again. I have one more question, does high grade dyskaryosis is always caused by hpv, high risk hpv?? If there are other things causing dyscaryosis and can you tell me what sort of ? And if dyskaryosis is caused by somthing else (than hpv) is the treatment still necessary? Is there still risk of progresion into cancer? If the answer is NO, then why when finding these changes in cells the patient isnt first sent for hpv testing ? Sorry but its confusing. I made phone call to hospital and requested some information. I had nurse calling me back , I asked her if I have high grade dyskaryosis is that mean 100% that I have hpv and she said "if someone is found with high grade dyskaryosis we ASSUME that they have hpv". Then 10minuts later I have another nurse calling me, I asked same question and she said that hpv is only one of many factors which can cause dyskaryosis.

I am really confused and tired of it.........

Re: Can moderate (high grade) dyskaryosis recover by itself??

25 Jun 2015 15:57 in response to Lola30


Thank you for getting back to us.

It is possible to have mild cervical cell abnormalities (low grade dyskaryosis) without high risk HPV being present. But with severe cervical cell abnormalities (high grade dyskaryosis) high risk HPV is usually present.

In some parts of the UK women with borderline or mild cell changes are tested for the human papilloma virus (HPV). If it is absent they are referred back to routine screening as the cell changes are likely to go back to normal on their own. But if HPV is present, they are sent to the colposcopy department for a detailed examination of the cervix.  Women with high grade abnormalities are not tested for HPV at this stage, as it is likely to be present.

Low grade dyskaryosis may be caused by HPV, but it can also occur with other infections.  It is not uncommon for younger women to have low grade cervical cell abnormalities, as the cervical cells are changing in response to hormones. Occasionally high grade dyskaryosis might get better in its own, as sometimes the immune system can get rid of  high risk HPV. But because doctors cannot identify who might get better and who might go on to develop cervical cancer, it is considered risky to leave it alone.

 In a way the nurse is correct when they said that HPV is only one of the factors that causes dyskaryosis.  Not everyone with high risk HPV will develop high grade dyskaryosis so other factors are likely to work in tandem with the HPV.  For example, it is thought that the chemicals in cigarette smoke can damage the cervical cells and make them more susceptible to HPV and abnormal cell changes. Also having a weakened immune system can increase the risk of developing abnormal cell changes, as the immune system is less able to get rid of HPV.

It may interest you to know that there is some research which is looking at whether HPV testing can replace cervical cytology (the smear test) in the National Cervical Screening Programme. This is because if high risk HPV is not present, it is unlikely that cervical cancer will develop before the next screening appointment is due. You can read about this here.

I hope that I have managed to answer your questions. But HPV is quite a complicated subject so if anything is unclear please do get back to us.

Best wishes,



Re: Can moderate (high grade) dyskaryosis recover by itself??

1 Jul 2015 08:20 in response to CRUK Nurse Jean

Hi. Thank you for your answer again. I decided to postpone my treatment and have another examination at privare clinic. I am having my visit booked on friday. Can you advise what additional tests I should ask for ? I want to repeat my smear there with hpv test as well. I had my last smear 12th may.

Re: Can moderate (high grade) dyskaryosis recover by itself??

3 Jul 2015 16:52 in response to Lola30

Hello Lola,

I am sorry we weren’t able to get back to you sooner. I’m afraid that by the time you read this you will have already been for your appointment.  As you know, the main tests used in cervical screening are smear tests which examine cervical cells and can also test for HPV,  and colposcopy which is a close examination of the cervix during which biopsies may also be taken if needed.

I hope things went ok today.


Re: Can moderate (high grade) dyskaryosis recover by itself??

4 Jul 2015 10:55 in response to CRUK Nurse Julia


My visit was actually consultation. Dr said there is no point to test me again and that I should go ahed with treatment. But now another problem arisen. I have noticed yesterday that I am having some infection , it is trush or bv, not sure. It is happening to me very often and I usually get some medicine for it from chemist. But I feel it is only helping to ease sympthoms but not geting rid of actual problem. Now, my appoitment day is coming for loop cone biopsy and I dont know what shall I do. My common sence is telling me I should be clear of any infection first. Itry to call gp but they say they cant see me now ansd can only book me after 2 weeks. What I should do, buy medicine over counter again. I am not even sure its bv or trush, I would say I have both...

If I will go for my loop treatment having this infections will it affect me in any way?? Just wondering how come my smear didnt indicate anything? Or how come none of nurses (the one doing smear or the one doing colposcopy) didnt notice anything? I had some tests done years ago which show heavy growht of candida spp, Its coming and going since then.

I am so fed up... Sad

Re: Can moderate (high grade) dyskaryosis recover by itself??

8 Jul 2015 15:30 in response to Lola30

Hello again Lola,

I hope seeing the consultant has left you feeling a bit more comfortable about the idea of going ahead with treatment. 

If there is a vaginal infection you are right in thinking it would be better to treat it prior to having a loop cone biopsy.

One way of finding out if is thrush or bacteria is to try over the counter thrush medicines from the chemist and see if that clears it up. I don’t know when you are due to have the loop cone biopsy. I think it would be better not to use vaginal pessaries and creams for thrush from about 3 or 4 days before you have your treatment as they can hang around and make it more difficult to get a good look at the cervix. But you can take tablets by mouth for the vaginal thrush.

If it doesn’t clear you would need to talk to your GP and explain the situation. If you have any difficulty getting an appointment it may be necessary to ask to speak to the doctor if it is close to your colposcopy appointment. You may need to call the colposcopy clinic to re-arrange your appointment if you are unable to get treatment in time. 

Vaginal thrush can come and go, it is the nature of it. You can read more about it on the NHS website here.

I hope this helps and that you can get this sorted out soon.

take care,


Re: Can moderate (high grade) dyskaryosis recover by itself??

19 Aug 2015 17:34 in response to CRUK Nurse Julia

Frightened about my abnormal smear.  High grade dyskaryosis.  I have had 4 normal smears.  Changed partner in past 3 years.  Could I have caught hpv from him?


Also just need someone to reassure me.  What percentage of these are serious ?  

Re: Can moderate (high grade) dyskaryosis recover by itself??

21 Aug 2015 14:57 in response to suzysuzy

Hello Suzysuzey,

I am sorry to learn about your situation.

It is difficult if not impossible to work out how you managed to acquire HPV.  You may have picked it up from your current partner, but it is also possible that you got HPV from any previous partners you may have had.  This is because it can sometimes take many years before HPV causes cervical cell abnormalities (dyskaryosis).  So although it is common for women to want to know precisely when they first got the HPV, it is not usually possible to reliably answer the question.

I am sorry but I am not sure that I completely understood your question about what percentage is serious. High grade dyskaryosis in its self is not serious, but in some cases, if left untreated over a long period of time, cancer could develop. We don’t really know the exact risk of this turning into cancer as it would be unacceptable to watch this happen without offering treatment merely to see what proportion developed a cancer.

Perhaps I misunderstood your question and you were asking how many women with high grade dyskaryosis actually turn out to have cervical cancer.  According to some information on the website of the British Association of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology about 1% (1 in 100) women with an abnormal smear rest will turn out to have cervical cancer.

However please bear in mind that this figure is for all women including those who have not attended regularly for smear tests and women with low immune systems who are at more at risk of cervical cancer. So an overall figure is not useful for you. If you have attended regularly for smear tests the chances of having cervical cancer are likely to be very low. This is because it usually takes many years for cervical cancer to develop. So although abnormal cells can develop between smear tests cervical cancer is less likely.

I hope that this reply is helpful. If you have any other questions please do get back to us. If you would like  to telephone our freephone number is 0808 800 4040. We are here from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 5pm.


Kind regards,


Re: Can moderate (high grade) dyskaryosis recover by itself??

14 Apr 2016 16:17 in response to Lola30

I just got my results today saying it is a high-grade dyskaryosis.     An said I should get a letter within 8 weeks from the colposcopy department for appointment.   Does it take that long