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Can I still work while my partner is on chemo??

18 Oct 2021 19:40

Hi, my partner is starting chemo tomorrow for bowel cancer. He will be taking it in tablet form so all done from home. We have obviously had numerous hospital appointments and they all warn of the fact he will be more prone to infection. I am due to start volunteering in an infant school tomorrow and I'm really worried about bringing bugs home. Should I be going out into a school while he's on chemo??

Can I still work while my partner is on chemo??

18 Oct 2021 20:35 in response to LucyBA

Hey, so in our house it's me that's the poorly one. My hubby works in hospitality and has done throughout my treatment. I'm on a different chemo for breast cancer. We also have 3 primary school age children so I was worried about all of them bringing germs home. I've been ok I've had both covid jabs and I've tried to keep them all remembering to wash their hands and telling my 5 year old to try not to cough in my face and I've been fine. I caught a water infection because I didn't stay hydrated enough so that was my own fault. I'd say you can work? How's his health apart from the cancer is he for and well? He may need a bit of looking after though? X hope all goes well x


i hope this all makes sense to read I do waffle on xx