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Can bone islands be malicious? What do they signify?

23 Aug 2019 18:50

So, two months ago I had abnormal bleeding. I noticed that every time I urinate, it is followed by a bloody discharge (thick red blood). In parallel to it I had left flank pain that seemed to move towards my pelvic region (I but did not have pelvic region pain), pain around my back, aching lower left leg pain, pain and swelling around my knee joint (which got worse with extensive walks).

I visited the Drs regarding it and they diagnosed me with UTI and gave me antibiotics for the treatment. The UTI did not get better on one week of antibiotics. And I was then given another antibiotic course. I caught diarrhea from it and discontinued them.

During the antibiotic course, another pain popped up. Aching left foot heel pain started and I went more concerned regarding my leg and heel pain than abdominal pain. This heel pain was followed by left sole pain (which both got worse with extensive walking). The Dr. mentioned X-Rays for the left foot, left knee and lower back. The X-Rays clearly showed two bone islands in my left foot (one in the heel location and one in the sole location). Based on the X-Ray report, the Drs mentioned that it is totally normal, there is no problem to worry of, you're young, go enjoy your life. They said bone islands are very common. But I doubt them (no offence, I feel this way, I feel like bone islands are not common).

So, with time I noticed something more. My left arm started aching too. And till now the left arm ache has grown to the extent that my left hand fingers ache too. My left arm ache is quite dull, but my left leg ache goes from dull to moderate at times and is there 24/7.

Right now I have aching pain in my left leg (locations: around the knee, lower shin pain, left ankle pain, aching pain in left foot toes+sole+heel). I still at times have left flank pain accompanied by sensation of pain below my left ribs. The pain in the arm is quite dull and it comes and goes when it wishes to.

During the course of the past two months, I've also experienced left head stress/ache (I don't know if it's related to this, but I rarely have headaches).

The doctors have performed multiple hormonal, blood and urine tests and found everything to be normal but for me, this problem of left leg ache has arisen for the 3rd time (this time with much complications). I had this type of 24/7 aching pain in my left leg back in Dec 2017 for the 1st time and it stayed for 2 months. The second time I had it in Oct/Nov 2018 accompanied with abnominal pain. Now I have it again.

Edit: The left heel pain got accompanied by bruises on my regular physical movement (walk as a University Student). I've holidays now, but those bruises were not a result of any injury. I've never had left ankle sprain or any left leg injury.

I'm scared, and I want to know if I should explicitly mention my concern regarding bone cancer to my GP who referred me to the Orthopedics Dr and Spine and Vascular Specialist but both of them denied that there is some kind of problem. I have not been to the oncologist yet.

Can bone islands be malicious? What do they signify?

27 Aug 2019 14:24 in response to Javeh

Hi and thanks for posting

Many people won't have heard of them, but in fact, bone islands or enostosis are quite often found incidentally on x rays, CT or MRI scans.

They are usually a small focus of compact bone and are benign (not cancer) not needing any treatment or biopsies.Radiologists will come across these quite regularly when reporting on x rays and scans and will be able to easily identify them.

It's good that all your tests were negative and that you have also been referred to and been seen by  the orthopaedic specialist team

No one here on the forums (or google) can tell you what may be causing your symptoms. As you still have concerns, it's best to go back to the GP explaining why you are still worried.

Sometimes, despite many investigations, it's not always possible to find a reason for symptoms.

Try and not worry too much about this. There are many conditions out there other than cancer and although I don't know your age, the majority of cancers are in the over 50 age group.

All the best