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Can anyone describe their breast lump & your outcome please

18 Oct 2019 10:32

Hi ♡ 

So on wednesday I went to my GP with a small hard lump in my left breast. On the right side of the nipple, about 1 inch away. She had a feel and said it feels like normal hard tissue to her and the fact that I had been to the breast clinic in august with breast pain, to go back in 3 weeks and she'll assess again. Now I don't feel comfortable waiting 3 weeks. When I went in august, the doctor just had a feel and said I was fine. No ultrasound and I'm not old enough for a mammogram (31) this is the first time I've noticed this lump and I am usually an avid checker. It's small (probably about half a cm) hard, soft and round, but it doesnt move under my fingers (that's what scares me) I've booked to see a different GP next Tuesday to see if I can possibly get a referral. Do you think I'm right to do this? Or shall I wait the 3 weeks? Its bloody terrifying. Can anyone shed any light on their experience please? Thanks xx

Can anyone describe their breast lump & your outcome please

18 Oct 2019 19:47 in response to Kellyj09

Hi Kelly

im 34, I have no outcome yet, but found a lump similar to yours and I've been referred to the specialist on Monday.

yes it is very very frightening, I'm trying to keep busy (organising my house) lol! 
I will let you know how it goes but I'm like you, 3 weeks would seem like an eternity. I hope you get the referral you need. 
love to you and best wishes xx 

Can anyone describe their breast lump & your outcome please

19 Oct 2019 08:02 in response to Jude10685


i felt a lump that was pea-size below my nipple. It was a DCIS.  I required lumpectomy and had clearance after second surgery.  My friend felt a flat-shaped one and turned out to stage 2 breast cancer. My sister had multiple small lumps but they turned out to be all benign. 

Have you had checked out yet by doctor? 

These signs vary. There is not much point in comparing as yours could be a similar to anyone but may turn out to be something different. For now, try and distract yourself with something else until you have your final result.

Can anyone describe their breast lump & your outcome please

19 Oct 2019 10:01 in response to Kerry15

Hi Kerry

Yes, when I first discovered it, I went to the walk in centre as it was a weekend and he wanted to wait two weeks. As a nurse I think I may have seen too much so I wasn't prepared to wait. I went to my own GP and she has referred me to the specialist. My appointment is on Monday. 

Oh yes, I have thrown myself into Christmas planning as a distraction!

Glad to hear yours was treated and all clear! Im hoping its caught early if indeed it is the worst news. 

Thanks for your reply xxx

Can anyone describe their breast lump & your outcome please

22 Oct 2019 22:25 in response to Kellyj09

Hi ladies. 

Thank you for your replies. I've only just seen them when logging on to give an update. 

I went to see a different GP this evening. Explained that I'm not happy waiting 3 weeks and I'm not sure if my original doctor felt what I was feeling as the way she described it, wasn't what I was feeling. Anyway, he's had a feel and agreed with me. He said it's around 6mm, hard but not fixed as such. It doesn't roll around under the fingers but it doesn't feel like its 'stuck' to any tissue. He said it feels nodular but smooth. He said he isn't too concerned and that if he was a betting man, he would place vets on it not being anything sinister, but as it's new, he will refer me to get it checked. Thank god!!! Now the wait begins for the referral to come through. Thanks again ladies xxx