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Calcifications in the ovaries and left Fallopian tube

3 Dec 2020 23:00

Hi all,

im really struggling to find much information and wondering if anybody has a similar story?

ultrasound scan last week showed calcifications in my ovaries and left tube, doctor gave me lots of sizes (how these are relevant I do not know). I appear to have Adenomyosis also as my womb lining is rather thick. My left ovary is enlarged/swollen and I've been referred to gynae. But I really do not feel very clear what we are looking at. I feel as though my gp surgery are being very cloak and dagger. So if anybody is able to shed any light? I'd be grateful. 
I went to my Gp in December 2019 to discuss how unwell I feel, spotting, heavy periods and absent periods. I have long running history of PCOS but the change in my physical health and some physical symptoms gave me cause for concern! COVID delayed my ultrasound which I've only just had and probably feeling worse than I was a year ago! 

Calcifications in the ovaries and left Fallopian tube

4 Dec 2020 07:36 in response to Cazshaw

Can't comment on specific condition but knowing how the system typically works and being a little further on id say it's the usual path they take. 
it needs further investigations and gynae are the right people with the access to the tools to get you diagnosed.

gps aren't qualified nor do they have the right tools to give diagnosis generally in this area. 

hopefully you'll be on 2ww pathway? If so means you'll be seen have tests and likely a plan for next steps (this should include diagnosis) within this time frame.

hoping for you it's nothing sinister and your seen swiftly x