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Bruise like Mark, blue ish, purple

8 Apr 2021 03:41

Hello I went to my Gp with a small blue lime bruise mark on my breast. I also have a small red like almost like a skin tag but it is bloody by colour. I feel strange when lying on my front with this breast like its got something inside it which cause a small amount of discomfort it doesnt hurt otherwise. 

But recently under my arm had began to feel uncomfortable. I have a very small indentation in the nipple . Doctor told me that it is very unlikely to be breast cancer as under my arm is uncomfortable to touch . So recommended star flower oil to me . My breast isn't sore but my arm pit Is slightly tender to touch. Feels like lymn mode is swollen or something. Just wanted some advice if I should seek another opinon. Or just be reassured she is correct. 

Bruise like Mark, blue ish, purple

8 Apr 2021 12:01 in response to Kat74

Hello and thank you for your post. I'm sorry you are worried about your breast and armpit.

GP's are very experienced with regards to breast symptoms. They will see many similar cases on a weekly basis in their general practice.

Breast cancer is rare in young women so this isn’t at all likely to be what is the matter, whereas breast and armpit pain is quite common. This is often due to changing hormone levels. Breast pain and soreness is often at its worst just before a period, settling down again afterwards. For others the pain can happen at any time during the month.

The organisation Breast Cancer Now has some information about breast pain which you can read by clicking here.

Probably the best thing to do if you are worrying, is to make an appointment to speak with your GP again. They can advise you further. Some women have found that cutting down on caffeine, alcohol, and taking a starflower or evening primrose oil supplement helps with their breast pain and symptoms. It can take a number of months of doing these measures, before you might see an improvement in symptoms. 

I hope that this is helpful,

Best wishes,


Bruise like Mark, blue ish, purple

8 Apr 2021 14:09 in response to CRUK Nurse Vanda

Hi Vanda thank you for the response. My breast isnt sore at all. Its the arm.pit thats sore but my breast has occurred the changes. But I shall try the star flower oil ans see if it helps . Thank you for my advice.