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Re: Brown stripe on toe nail

13 Nov 2017 12:54 in response to AnxietyGirl

Wonderful news! I can fully understand your relief. Best wishes to you, and your family. xx Harry

Re: Brown stripe on toe nail

13 Nov 2017 15:24 in response to AnxietyGirl

Hi AnxietyGirl,

I'm so glad to hear that everything is OK - what a relief that must be! 

It's great to hear that you'd like to stick around on Cancer Chat to add some words of support to others who are going through the same worries as you did. That's brilliant. We'll look forward to hearing more from you as and when you post next Happy

Best wishes,

Cancer Chat moderator 

Re: Brown stripe on toe nail

1 Jan 2018 22:53 in response to AnxietyGirl
Hi guys, I find myself back here again, really hoping I wouldn’t be but hey here I am... so from my last post i was told the line on my nail is melanonchyia and there were no concerns regarding it and I go back for a checkup in February which I was very pleased about however my anxiety is kicking in again and I’m worried when I go back the dermatologist will find something wrong Sad along with this my partner has a mole on his collarbone that has gotten bigger over two years he has informed me and he will be making an appointment tomorrow with the doctor so I’ve got this to add to my anxiety. He isn’t one bit bothered and is carrying on as normal but I’m making myself ill again, not wanting to eat keep being sick Sad worrying what will happen to my children if we both die it’s insane what my mind does and thinks. I literally want to pass out from exhaustion over my mind working me up into a frenzy. He says to me everything will be fine just like he told me before but I never listen and I never believe him. I don’t know what to do with myself I just hate what is happening in our lives so much for a happy new year Sad

Re: Brown stripe on toe nail

2 Jan 2018 01:54 in response to AnxietyGirl

Hi AnxietyGirl

Perhaps it would help to take your own series of photos of the nail, so that you can personally track any changes.  Take a new set every 2 months or so, but keep the old ones for comparison.  That way you can check for yourself whether anything has changed.  If nothing has changed, then there's nothing to worry about, and if there is a change then you'll spot it quickly and can take action. 

Regarding test anxiety, I had a radical prostatectomy 7 years ago for early prostate cancer. The outcome was good, but I needed to have a PSA blood test every three months. And I was a complete nervous wreck as the time for each test approached. Once the blood had been taken, the time waiting for a result was dreadful.  Since this was happening every three months, I was getting little respite. I discussed this with my GP, who referred me to a local counselling service. I received regular counselling and over time my anxiety reduced. I now have a test every 6 months, and I'm much calmer at the prospect.

Clearly, this anxiety is having a devastating impact on your life and maybe it would help you.  Availability of counselling varies by area, and you might need to go private to be seen quickly, but your doctor should be your first port of call.  If you can't find a counsellor, then you might consider acupuncture (also private) which is more readily available. I find that acupuncture is very relaxing, and might help you cope better with your anxiety.   

Finally, it's worth remembering that cancer is only a word, not a sentence. It also doesn't define who you are. 



Re: Brown stripe on toe nail

2 Jan 2018 09:15 in response to telemando

Hello, thanks for your reply.  I have been taken photos and haven’t seen much of a change apart from the colour being lighter. 

My partener has an appointment at the doctors today at 12 regarding the mole. I really hope it’s nothing. 

I really do need to get something sorted about my anxiety because it does rule my life. Just want my life back to normal.

Re: Brown stripe on toe nail

2 Jan 2018 12:21 in response to AnxietyGirl

Hi again, my partner went to the doctors and got the mole checked out everything is ok with his mole it doesn’t look sinister. Just told to take a photo to check it every couple of months like you should with any mole. So I’m super relieved I couldn’t bare the thought of anything happening to him! Just myself to worry about now but as long as I’ve got him I feel so much calmer. 

Re: Brown stripe on toe nail

2 Jan 2018 20:43 in response to AnxietyGirl
Does anyone know how to stop severe anxiety?!

Re: Brown stripe on toe nail

2 Jan 2018 21:30 in response to AnxietyGirl

If you look in the thread I started just today about how to cope with an MRI, you'll find a posting by Chrissie, who is a vital member of our forum.  I'm going to follow that advice. 

Re: Brown stripe on toe nail

2 Jan 2018 21:45 in response to telemando

Hi telemando, I’ve had a look I might try the meditation on YouTube. I haven’t even been told I’ve got cancer I just have this stupid fear of being told I have it at the next checkup. Thanks for the reply, talking to people on here helps a lot!

Re: Brown stripe on toe nail

2 Jan 2018 21:50 in response to AnxietyGirl

You're welcome. It's why we here. I sometimes think we should rename the forum to "You Haven't Got Cancer Chat"  Happy

Re: Brown stripe on toe nail

2 Jan 2018 21:55 in response to telemando

Lol brilliant idea.. does give people some hope though.. literally 5 minutes ago I was panicking big time now my nerves are calming down. I’ve got until February 15th when I see my dermatologist  to deal with this anxiety. God help me lol

Re: Brown stripe on toe nail

2 Jan 2018 22:19 in response to AnxietyGirl
Hi Anxiety girl, I am glad to read you and your partner are both healthy, it seem like you are going though a lot of anxiety, this isnt right and its quite easy to undo it...I used to have it really should go for councelling and meditation is a MUST DO on daily basis every free minute you have, it will pass no worry, just work on it xxx

Re: Brown stripe on toe nail

2 Jan 2018 23:59 in response to Mia44
Hi Mia thank you for your reply, I have always been an anxious person anyway but once you have had a health scare it seems to consume you, no matter how many times you are told everything is fine there’s this little voice in the back of my head telling me different. I’m defo going to look at meditation as it seems to be the most recommended thing to do. I will speak to my gp about counselling and see what he suggests. I know in time things will get easier and I need to think that there are people much worse of than me!

Re: Brown stripe on toe nail

3 Jan 2018 15:06 in response to AnxietyGirl

I emailed my dermatologist today and asked for an earlier appointment with her and explained my anxiety. Unfortunately she’s on leave until Monday so have to wait until then for a response. I’m making myself so Sick with worry that I feel I have to do something so I’m hoping she will either give me an earlier appointment or at least some reassurances. I don’t know why I can’t accept what she said at the first appointment that she wasn’t concerned I think it’s because she asked me to return in February for a checkup it’s making me overanalyse everything. 

Re: Brown stripe on toe nail

9 Jan 2018 12:42 in response to AnxietyGirl
I managed to get an earlier appointment for this Thursday so happy and relieved because I could t wait any longer. I explained my anxiety and the secretary was so lovely and understanding. She still keeping me booked in for the February appointment but it may be cancelled depending on if my dermatologist signs me off or not. Hopefully it’s a case where I won’t have to be seen but I’m going crazy with worry. I started picking at my toenail trying to see if the brown line was on my skin, it wasn’t but I’ve now managed to hurt my toenail Sad anxiety and worry is the worst thing in world we literally torture ourselves. I’m still awaiting a call from my doctors regarding referral to icope but I haven’t heard from him yet I called today and asked for him to give me a call back so will wait and see. I really need some sort of therapy for my health.