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Brown bleed for many months

26 Mar 2021 15:23

Hi I'm Hannah I'm 29 5ft 8in

I have been bleeding dark brown coffee grauals for several months now, my lower stomach has started to become hard and sore to touch feels like I'm bruised. The past day or two I feel pressure against my bladder feeling like I need to wee, it doesn't hurt when I wee my boobs are very very sore it's like I'm been punched in them but it's only on the outter side closer to my arm pit where it hurts, iv suffering with migraines for the past two weeks iv tried to get an appointment with my go but easier said than done with everything goin on. I am goin to take a test later to be sure tho I don't feel pregnant but least it one thing I can rule out

If anyone can give me some indication of what this could be or what I should do I am also under the hospital i have been phoning them but the earliest I can be seen is 3 4 weeks so awaiting my appointment

Thank you


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Brown bleed for many months

28 Mar 2021 09:49 in response to Hanlou

Hello Hanlou

I'm sorry to hear that you're dealing with some health concerns at the moment.

I hope that you've been able to get an appointment with your GP but if not then please do get back in touch with them again about the new symptoms that you're experiencing. 

I hope that you don't have to wait too long for your hospital appointment and that things improve for you soon. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator 

Brown bleed for many months

28 Mar 2021 10:28 in response to Hanlou

Hi Hannah,

I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well and hope this can be resolved for you soon. Did you take the pregnancy test? I would personally go to A&E to be checked out as this will help put your mind at ease a lot quicker, seeing as your GP appointment is a while away.

Take care, 

Sarah x 


Brown bleed for many months

28 Mar 2021 12:10 in response to Smiless29

Hi Sarah

Yeah I took a test it was negative thankfully I already have two kids I'm not planning on now more.

The pains is getting worse it's like a bad period pain with the blood just brown colour all the time I have tried my go number of times but they say they don't have anything to call back the next day its hard for me to go to A&E because I don't have anyone to look after my children Im guna keep trying to speak with my consultant and l. Pool to see when I can get an appointment I need to be seen soon just hope it is soon I need an explanation to what is happening it's very uncomfortable to sleep x

Brown bleed for many months

28 Mar 2021 12:27 in response to Hanlou

Hi Hannah,

Oh okay! Well at least that's been ruled out. 

I completely understand it's difficult. Perhaps when you speak to the GP centre next let them know you would appreciate an appointment sooner (they must have an emergency appointment system). Is the 3/4 weeks waiting time for an appointment in person? If so, you can request a telephone consultation at least to get the ball rolling? I can imagine it's a worrying time, try to keep busy and keep us updated. Our minds always turn to the worst scenario but try to take it step by step and I hope you get an appointment soon x