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5 Dec 2017 19:50

My brother has just been diagnosed with abdominal sarcoma & has been told it's too big to remove so will be starting chemo on Monday but has been told sarcomas don't respond well to chemo. We are absolutely devastated but trying to support him as much as possible, it's breaking my heart & I just don't know how to cope

Re: Brother

7 Dec 2017 21:32 in response to Jayne64

Welcome to the forum Jayne although I'm sorry to hear your brother has just been diagnosed with abdominal sarcoma.

Someimes it can be just as tough for friends and family to cope with a cancer diagnosis than the person being diagnosed as many members here have found out and I'm sure some of them will pop by soon to offer their support and advice on how to get through this. I've also included some information I've found which I hope will help you at this time as well.

I hope your brother's chemo goes well when he starts on Monday. Do pop back and let us know how he is getting on when you can - we'll have our fingers crossed it is effective in treating his sarcoma.

Best wishes to you all, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator