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Breast pain

8 Oct 2019 21:27

hi, any advice would be great! I’m 23 and recently experienced a dull ache in my left breast and under my arm pit! I’ve never had this before so I waited a week and went to see my GP! I started wearing a more supportive bra as I have quite large breasts and had been wearing a sports bra for work! I saw my nurse and she checked me over and all under my arm and sore breast and she said she had 0 concerns and it could have been linked to my period (which we would know when it settled and my pill was back in my system) or I’ve injured by breast and to wear proper bras and see if it eased the pain and if it didn’t ease off when my hormones should be back to normal to return. 


The pain seemed to be really easing off however for the last two days I’ve been having pain again and a dead arm feeling but it seems to be focussed under my arm and down the armpit! I must add I have no discolouration, redness, swelling, burning sensations or changes to the skin around the breast or on my armpit whatsoever and she couldn’t feel a thing! I’m now googling things and seeing such scary things come up as i am only 23? I’m consdering going back to the doctors but I don’t want to just get turned away because I’ve not waited two weeks like she told me to but the pain did seem to go and then come back today? Is this common and could it be my hormones? 

Breast pain

9 Oct 2019 03:14 in response to ams011996


breast pain without any other symptoms is not one of the signs of cancer. I would take comfort in that your GP is not concerned, nothing was found, the pain did ease off, you’re very young. As your GP explained there could be a number of things that could be causing the pain. Try and stay off Dr Google as it won’t help you at all and try and relax as stress/anxiety won’t be helping you. Hopefully things will settle within the next two weeks. x


Breast pain

9 Oct 2019 07:46 in response to Magpiemaggie

Thanks Maggie! I think that’s what scares me is googling things! I literally scared myself to death! I’ll keep on with the supportive bras and will also try and improve my posture a little haha! Going to do a pregnancy test just to rule anything out on that front too! Thanks for your reassurance because as I said google scared the life out of me! X 

Breast pain

9 Oct 2019 12:43 in response to ams011996

Glad it helped, Dr Google is the worse thing anyone could do. Fingers crossed you'll feel better soon x

Breast pain

9 Oct 2019 15:54 in response to ams011996

Hello and thank you for your enquiry.

Breast cancer really is rare in young women so this isn’t at all likely to be what is the matter, whereas breast pain is quite common.This is often due to changing hormone levels.Breast pain is at its worst just before a period, settling down again afterwards. For others the pain can happen at any time.

Our advice would be to see your GP (family doctor ) and get checked out just to be on the safe side. GP's are very experienced in assessing breast pain. 

Screening isn't recommended at your age but your GP can do a breast check. This is usually the best way to put your mind at rest. They may be able to suggest something to help. 

The organisation Breast Cancer Now has some information about breast pain which you can download at this link.

I hope that you get your health worry sorted out soon. 

Kind regards,