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Breast MRI

1 Nov 2018 06:45

i have an indent on the bottom right of my right breast, it’s about the size of a thumbprint. I had a mammogram and ultrasound on the 30th which (unsurprisingly) found nothing, as no lumps felt during physical exams. The consultant has arranged for me to have an MRI on Monday morning. Has anyone experienced this and what were the outcomes? Needless to say I’m absolutely terrified, and as always google is the worst place to look for any answers other than I definitely have cancer. Many thanks xXx

Re: Breast MRI

3 Nov 2018 09:42 in response to Ginny74

Hi Ginny and welcome to the community.

I'm sorry about the indent you've found but hopefully the MRI you have scheduled for Monday will be able to determine whether it's any cause for concern.

We have many breast cancer ladies here on the forum and hopefully some of them will reply when they can to share their experiences with you. Do also try using the 'search forum' function in the blue box above to join in on any discussions that are similar to your own.

The weekend will be tough but if you're able to stay busy and keep away from Google then Monday will be here before you know it.

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

Re: Breast MRI

4 Nov 2018 02:01 in response to Ginny74

Hi Ginny.

i had a breast mri last month, it was required to see if there was any sign of cancer after my breast surgery. Thankfully I got the all clear. The worst part of the mri for me was that it’s very loud, even with the headphones but I made words out of the noise and formed raps In my head, Mad, I know but it got me through it and made the process go in a lot quicker. I got a contrast injection, they put the cannula into my arm prior to going into the mri and the hooked me up to a small devise that administered the contrast half way through the procedure, you will feel the contrast going in as it gives the body a warm feeling but it’s not painful.

The whole process took half an hour. Dont bother to try and read the faces of the technicians as they know nothing of your scans and you’ll need to wait until a specialist looks at the scans and you should get the results 7-10 days after mri. 

Remember too that mri can pick up lots of different things which won’t nescesary be cancer - only a biopsy can determine this. 

I would be looking at this as a positive, if there is anything in your breast you will want to know about it so that it can be treated.

Good luck for Monday and hopefully nothing will be found. x

Re: Breast MRI

6 Nov 2018 15:46 in response to Magpiemaggie

Many thanks for your response. Had the mri yesterday and it was an experience I’ll say that much! They knocked my cannula taking out the contrast line so when I was let up it was rather messy!! Can’t say I’d even like to go through that again soon; I’m not claustrophobic but that procedure would make anyone feel helpless and penned in I suppose. Now just the wait for results but I actually feel better now the first part is over than I have since I found the indent; albeit rather exhausted to say the least. I’m so glad you got the all clear; it’s one of the most terrifying and utterly horrible things a person can experience in life that unfortunately took my adopted dad, so anytime someone has kicked it’s backside and beaten it feels like such a huge victory xXx 

Re: Breast MRI

6 Nov 2018 17:36 in response to Ginny74

I just wanted to say hi as I also have discovered an indent with no lump. I saw my gp who referred me to the breast clinic. I was seen after 2 weeks just for a consultant appointment who then referred me for a mammogram and ultrasound which I’m having tomorrow (1 and 1/2 weeks after seeing consultant, 3 and 1/2 weeks after seeing my gp). I don’t know if I’ll see anyone tomorrow or not. Is it normal to just have a mammogram and ultrasound but not actually see anyone? 

Fingers crossed for you by the way!

Re: Breast MRI

6 Nov 2018 20:31 in response to Cat71

Hi cat

you will be seen by radiologists who will carry out all the necessary tests, you should also be introduced to a breast nurse. If they find something of interest them you’ll be offered a biopsy, the results take 7-14 days and you’ll be invited back to hear of the results, either the breast team will give you the results or they will be passed to your consultant to do so. 

Of course if there’s nothing there then there is no need for a follow up.

best of luck x


Re: Breast MRI

6 Nov 2018 20:37 in response to Ginny74

Hi ginny

sorry but should have said my mri was to see if there was any further cancer in the breasts other than the ones already found. The mri showed no further disease but yes, I agree cancer can be terrifying and horrible but it’s not the death sentence it used to be.more are surviving now than there has ever before.

glad your mri is over, most people feel better once they have a plan and they know what’s to happen. Hopefully your mri comes back clear x

Re: Breast MRI

8 Nov 2018 12:28 in response to Cat71

Hi Cat! 

Sorry my reply is a little late - I work from home and have been buried in cakes since Tuesday.

I saw the on duty surgeon who runs the clinics - she performed a physical exam before explaining I’d be sent for a biopsy that night if they found any lumps, or have the MRI arranged if nothing appeared. How did you get on with your appointment? I’m now playing the waiting game so trying very hard to put it out of my mind. Huge hugs xXx

Re: Breast MRI

8 Nov 2018 12:34 in response to Magpiemaggie

Sorry Maggie the writing is so small on here on my phone, I probably read everything wrongly ☹️. That’s good news it hasn’t spread, but I imagine it’s still exceptionally hard going on you at the moment and I honestly didn’t mean to put my foot in it. If it’s any consolation I’m a slight disaster area - I’m the first to turn up at the hospital breast cancer care unit with a big smear of mud over my left breast where I’d been carrying & carving pumpkins with my son, as well as stray glitter under one boob from a rather fun Halloween party ‍♀️. Keep me updated if you don’t mind - I’ve very little experience with this sort of cancer, and it’s the fear I think that makes it all so much worse. Wishing you all the best xXx 

Re: Breast MRI

8 Nov 2018 21:19 in response to Ginny74

Don’t worry, you didn’t put your foot in it and your  mud and glitter story made me laugh. I have had good news this week in that my last op has clear margins so now just a wound check then off to radiotherapy. 

Cant think of anyone who doesn’t fear cancer but then I have a friend with kidney failure and shes in a worse position than me. At least I have treatment available to me while she needs a transplant. So although cancer is scary there are other conditions just as serious if not more so.

Let us know when you get the results, still keeping my fingers crossed for you. X

Re: Breast MRI

8 Nov 2018 22:39 in response to Ginny74

Hi Ginny

I went yesterday and had a mammogram then an ultrasound. They told me there and then that nothing untoward showed up. I have a couple of cysts but they’re leaving them, I can’t even feel them. The dent is likely due to hormones, age and suchlike but I’m to go back in 5 weeks for a check up or anytime if I notice any change. I had only heard negative things about dents/dimples and thought the worst so I’m very relieved!

Edited to add: Can I ask why you are having an mri? If your mammogram and ultrasound didn’t show anything did you ask for further investigation or did they suggest it? Should I be asking for one?

Wishing you luck and positivity x

Re: Breast MRI

10 Nov 2018 06:12 in response to Cat71

Hi Cat

I wonder if it’s just different doctors/hospital trusts have different policies? She’d already made it clear that I would have one if nothing showed on the mammo/ultrasound, and to be honest I think she knew they would come up clear. Maybe it’s to do with positioning/size or other risk factors? 

Ive only heard the same with indents - especially those with no lumps so it’s lovely to hear they cleared you. I’m currently on the waiting game still but hopefully will hear something this week xXx